Magazine Mama


I confess, I love magazines of all kind–fashion, cooking, scrapbooking, and bridal to name a few.  There’s just something about the beautiful, glossy covers and the sleek layouts.  I also subscribe to Working Mother and Parenting the Early Years.  Nicholas currently receives Legos magazine.  They make great gifts. 

However, I have a ton of them! I can’t bear the thought of throwing money in the trash or parting with their prettiness so I keep them. 

But I know I can’t accumulate them forever.  After awhile they turn into clutter.  And clutter makes me itch.

I don’t want to display them.  For one, I do not have a coffee table.  Two, my baby would simply “rearrange” them to his liking! Nor am I going to take the time to cut out articles and put them in a binder.  For me that would be the WHOLE thing–cause I really do like them!!!



I’ve been thinking of ways to get maximum use of them:

1.) In my classroom: We are currently working on persuasive arguments and I thought it would be fun to examine the persuasive techniques advertisers use.  So I’ll be toting a bag full in for this on Tuesday!  When I teach poetry , one of the poems we create a “ransom note” poem using you guessed it–words/letters cut from magazines.

2.) Decor: Some of the photographs are “room worthy” and really look good framed.  Framed covers of your favorite fashion magazines would look really chic in a dressing room or large walk-in closet; not that I would know because I have neither. 

3.) Donate: Hospitals, Nursing homes, friends–I gave all bridal magazines to a girlfriend getting married in August, and the new nail salon that I go to is desperately needing reading materials.

4.) Art Projects: If you have a crafty personality you can probably get miles out of magazines–collages, scrapbooks, etc.

5.) Props:  Roll them up and place in long boots to make them stand upright.

Please feel free to post your ideas below!

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  1. I also love magazines. I don’t get very many anymore but I do love them. I get a couple of gossip mags and get the Paula Deen and The Foodnetwork mags. I do toss the gossip mags but have a really hard time doing that with food ones. I give the food mags to my youngest son. He loves cooking but if I had to toss them I know it would make me feel bad.

    I love your idea of framing a nice page or cover photo. I can really see how they’d look really nice in your entry way or like you said, in a dressing room or walk in closet (I have neither either). How about a large bathroom or a stairway?

    This is a great post.

  2. I love magazines, too, but I am too cheap to purchase many. I do hold two magazine subscriptions. One for my husband and I, and the other for our youngest daughter.

    When we go on a road trip I always treat myself to my favorite Allure magazine, so I have something interesting to fill the time.

    I have recently seen some interesting projects to use magazines for on the “green” sites.

    Good luck with finding some fun uses!

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