New Look


I want to change the look of my living room.  It’s so blah! The best things about it include:

1.) The antique gold accent wall

2.) Dropped burnished bronze ceiling fan

3.) New chocolate carpet

But that’s it.  It’s boring! My creativity is waning and I can’t quite figure out what I need to make the room pop. So what’s a girl to do? I think a trip to Home Goods is in order.


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  1. Morocco, I get a lot of ideas from looking at homes online. A rug, some new decorative pillows, and art can add a lot to a room. I am a big Ikea fan as everything is very cool and not very expensive! I hope you post some pictures after the makeover. 🙂

    • I was just flipping through the latest Ikea catalog last night. I really want new furniture but that’s not in the budget. I will post before and after pictures.

      • I wanted new furniture when our home was renovated and I didn’t really have the money either, so I devised a plan. I chose what I wanted and figured out how much it would cost. Then, I sold all of my old furniture on Craigslist, which sold within one day, and bought the new. It was great!

  2. Maybe a couple of accent pillows in a color that pops against them (I’m into bright pink and orange, but I’m weird.). You could also take apart kids’ books and frame pictures that go with your theme (make a theme). I’d put them into groups — cheap IKEA frame ’cause you don’t need fancy. Or even frame some fabric samples you like to create a visual focal point. How are your window coverings? Can you do something dramatic there? I’m thinking extra long and pool on the floor. Have you rearranged your furniture? Can you afford a new chair or couch cover?

    I would start with accents and then worry about the big stuff. Mostly you need something happy to look at when you walk in.

  3. By them I meant the color of the walls and carpet. OY. Some people…
    By groups I meant making a large focal point like a 3X3 set of pictures of the same idea/color/theme.

    Good luck. Keep us updated on what you did. BTW, pictures would have helped us to help you. Except that my house is PITIFUL and if you saw it, you would NEVER take advice from me! LOL.

    • Ikr, I wanted to include pictures but I posted from my phone and was not at home. My problem is that my furniture is not plain. You can do so many things when your furniture is neutral. I will post some pictures later to today so you can see what I mean.

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