Grey Matter


Stella McCartneyStella McCartney 645euros=$846 948!


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  1. GIRL! It’s not $846 American. The cream colored one at Bergdorf Goodman is $1435 (then again it may be larger). THAT’S A LOT OF CASH. Damn. You have expensive taste. Then again, I feel in love with a Burberry purse that was well north of 5 grand.

    Good luck with your pursuit of happiness. And I don’t often say this but… KNOCKOFF.

    • Lol, I googled the conversion and that’s what popped up. I thought it sounded awfully cheap for a designer handbag–but since I know nada about Euros, I figured Google was correct. I checked again and did my own math and the Euro is equal to $1.47 which makes the purse $948.15! You won’t see it on my arm anytime soon!

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