Ask Him


Yesterday I started the following text conversation with Rhonda:

Me:  What do you think your husband likes about you?

Rhonda: He says I love with a big heart and I’m a caring person.

Me: Okay

Rhonda: Why do you ask?

Me: Just curious, you know how I get to pondering things, lol

Rhonda: Yeah, I know…lol

 A few hours later she texted again:

Rhonda: So I asked him what he liked about me after you sent that last text because I wanted to know if what he said had changed. We have been texting ever since. I’m glad we did. We were able to say some things that I believe we both needed to know. Thanks for getting the ball rolling! Love you!

Me: That is so awesome! You are welcome; it makes me happy hearing that! Love U2 girl!

Tonight ask your significant other what they love about you.  Ask in person, via text, over the phone, email, Skype, or in a letter.  Then tell him what you love about him!  It could be the start of something good…

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  1. My husband and I have made a habit of giving each other words of affirmation all of the time. I feel so blessed and grateful to have him as my husband. He has taught me so much! I think having such horrible first marriages has given us a different perspective in our current marriage. I never imagined marriage could be so great! 😀

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