The Things We Carry


 I have a vast collection of purses, totes, handbags, clutches, etc.  My favorite style is the Hobo.  When I was in high school I preferred the smallest bag I could find.  Now that I am all grown up I prefer larger ones.

 I change my purse as often as the mood suits me which could be every other day or once a month.  I no longer believe your purse MUST match your shoes and/or other accessories.

A few years ago when I was in New York, the trend was those colossal suitcase looking purses.  That’s doing a tad too much for me, but I do like to transport more than lipstick and id.

A larger purse is even more important now that I am a 2X mom.  I always have something in there pertaining to one of my children.  With my wee one at only 8 months-old, I suppose I should carry a diaper bag.  But I don’t! Usually I’ll carry a few items for him in my purse.  Plus I don’t want to look like Bertha the Bag lady!

Lately I have had to clean my bag out daily.  Receipts have totally hijacked it! I try to stuff receipts in my billfold at the checkout counter but it feels rude making those behind me wait even longer.  For awhile I carried a chic pencil pouch that I used as a receipt holder, however, some receipts would not fit and it became too much of a hassle.

I’ve taken to leaving receipts in the bag.  I store the bags and if I ever need to take an item back the receipt will be there.

I’ve also tried pairing down what I carry around.  That always varies.  Sometimes I am a minimalist other times I cram anything I think I’ll need in my bag.

The current bag I am carrying is a pewter colored, slouchy hobo from The Limited.  It is roomy and has two deep pockets on each side.  I love to use the pockets for my keys and cell phone.


Here’s a look inside!image

Checkbook: Yes, I still write them!


Change: At the end of the day the coins go into the children’s banks

Mini notebooks: I am always writing things down

Hairbrush and medium-tooth comb

Sticky note: Information regarding some bcbg boots I want to order

Mini umbrella:  Brown sugar does melt when it gets wet!

Pens: 3 just in case…


Recipe: For sugar cookies—sorry Dr. Kelly!

Receipts: Way too many!


Business card holder

Grocery list

Eye glass cleaning cloth: I use it to clean my phone

Baby bottle tops:

Snack: Special K Raspberry Cheesecake bar


Lotion: Forever Sunshine

Breath Mints: Victoria’s Secret

Cash: $7!!!

Coupons: The Finish Line and Triaminic

Mail: Unread

Make-up bag: L’Oreal Colour Juice in Peek-a-boo, MAC Dazzleglass in Like Venus,  a needle and thread kit, a Wet-n-Wild eyebrow pencil in dark chocolate, Listerine pocket paks in fresh citrus, 3 Colgate Wisp mini-toothbrushes, 2 eyebrow and eyelash brushes, my lone Guess earring , and two eye shadow brushes by e.l.f.—one for applying and the other for smudging

Monthly planner

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  1. Yeah, I pretty much stopped carrying a baby/diaper bag when my second born turned 2. Now, like you, I stick to massive purses that can do double the work. My favorite was a croc skin Guess bag that I traded for an even awesomer (not a real word) dress from my friend’s fashion line in Ghana.

    But dag girl.

    I can’t even hold a candle to the qty of stuff you’ve managed to stuff in there!

  2. It’s the one thing I liked about my kids growing up. I got my purse back. Now I have a nice small purse and I don’t have to carry the kitchen sink.

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