Wishlist Update


Howdy Y’all! For Christmas I received three things from my list:

1.) Kindle: When I first opened it, I was not impressed.  It is so lightweight that it feels flimsy.  But once I put it in its case, that took care of that.  I also had to get used to the idea of reading in such a nontraditional way.  I ordered my first book, “The Help” and was manually trying to turn the pages as I read! Overall, I do like it.  It just takes some getting used to.

2.) Pink Friday: This is the MAC lipstick designed by Nicki Minaj.  I tried it on and let me tell you–it looks RIDICULOUS on me!!!! If you have some Pepto Bismol at home, smear some on your lips.  This is what it looks like, lol!

3.) Earrings: I got the Guess Crystal Tassel Drop ones.  They are really pretty and shimmery and I love they way they look.  However, they are sooooo heavy–so much that I lost one because it slipped out of my ear! I was so steamed that I wrote an email to Guess.  They basically brushed me off.  I might boycott their products.

Out of the 3, the Kindle is the undisputed winner.

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  1. I’m so glad you like the Kindle. I’ve been wanting to get one for ages, and one more endorsement is what I needed! I’d hate to hear that it sucked.

  2. I have a lot of friends who love their kindle, too. I have a hard time reading anything of great length in an electronic format as I love to touch the book and turn the pages, but I’m sure it is really handy.

    I bet you look gorgeous in the lipstick and earrings! I’m sorry you lost one and that you don’t like the shade. My daughters are my fashion consultants, but I still look “momish.” 😉

  3. I received the colored Nook for Christmas and was very excited. I never expected to get it and I never asked for it. I guess my husband really was listening to my chitchat. While I really like it and it’s going to be very handy and I love what it can do and the stuff I can get on it from mags to newspapers, if I read it too long I get a really bad headache. I’m a very big reader but there’s no way I could read this like I’d sit and spend 6 hours reading a novel. Is that just me or does anyone else get a headache after reading on it for too long? I can read for an hour or so but not much longer. I love it for when I’m eating or when I want to read US Weekly but I’m disappointed about the longer reads.

    • I like the fact that the Nook has color. So far, no problems. The Kindred screen is almost booklike. It has no glares or anything. I am currently reading “The Help.”

      • I don’t notice glare but after a while, it almost feels like it does while on the computer. I just need to lay back and shut my eyes. I’m sure it’s just me.

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