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  1. I embrace the pain (Trying to run away from it only intensifies it.), find somewhere to be alone with my thoughts to think it through, & pray. If it’s something that keeps coming up & won’t go away, I am brutally honest with myself to see if it’s something I am doing to make the situation continue. If I’m not & the person I’m at odds with is, I try to pray for them too see the error of their ways. If that is simply not going to happen, I pray the Prayer of Serenity & for peace that surpasses all understanding. I accept that some people are just NOT going to get it no matter what.
    If the reason you are blue has to do with losing someone, again, embrace the pain. Look @ pictures of them & remember the good times. When my dad died over 8 years ago, I didn’t even look at the obituary for the longest time. I even blocked out the date he died. It took me years to embrace the pain, but once I did, the pain started being bearable.
    I hope this helps you. You’ve been through a lot these past couple years. Things will eventually get better.

    • Hey Leila! I think it has a lot to do with the second anniversary of his death approaching on Monday. Thank you for the suggestions. I am looking forward to things getting better. Trouble doesn’t last, eh?

    • Thanks Crys, I enjoy things like that, too. I wish I lived near an ocean, I could walk my troubles away there. There is just something so soothing and peaceful about beaches.

  2. Is there some new ritual that you can start on this “anniversary” that could help you heal? For example, maybe you could serve at a homeless shelter or food bank every year on this date (serving others is what usually gets me out of the doldrums), or visit a new site you’ve never seen each year, go for a walk in the woods each anniversary, visit his gravesite and pray and then treat yourself to your favorite comfort food…I don’t know, just some ideas.

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