*Update: I haven’t had any water and last night I bought a hair product that I really didn’t NEED! But I couldn’t resist, it contained Moroccan Argan oil 🙂

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  1. A tip on drinking all that water. Go to the store and buy one of those 1.5 liter sized water bottles and then refill it with water all day. It’s what helped me get a lot of water during my pregnancy and refilling it helped keep my money in my pocket. Good luck!!

  2. Hey Morocco, not sure why you didn’t have any water. Are you finding it a challenge to get down? I have a little trick I adopted during my latest fitness craze. I got just a regular plastic water bottle and attached 3 hair rubber bands around it. When I drink one bottle, I move the band. When I drink the second, I move the next band and so on. That way I keep track of exactly how many I drink in a day. I need to have at least 3.

  3. Natz! Hello! I dunno, I just get so busy and too tired to eat or drink much now days. But I’m really trying to make the effort to put on my oxygen mask first. Thanks for the tip and stopping by!

  4. I hate water and love hair products!

    Sometimes I flavor water with some cucumber or lime, so it doesn’t taste so bland, but I’d much rather drink some sweet tea! 😀

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