Colts Blue


I really wanted the home team to win!  I was so disappointed that we lost.  I understand that it was good for the Saints to win because of the whole Katrina situation, but still…one does have to root for the home team!

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  1. I was so disappointed in this game. I don’t buy into the whole Katrina thing. We all have terrible things that happen. We have tornado’s each year that rip towns apart and we have the Red River flooding each spring up north. When did sympathy count for winning a Superbowl?

    Besides, they are a dirty team that likes to hurt other players on purpose. The rules of the game are knock people down but you don’t knock them down so they can’t get back up. That’s just dirty. They did it to Farve and nothing got called. At least the refs called a few more “late hits” for the Colts than they did the Vikings.

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