The Pancakes


In honor of my mother’s 48th birthday today, I thought I’d share a story about her.  When I was about 6 years-old and my brother was 4, my mother cooked us a batch of pancakes for breakfast.  Mind you, she was a young  mother and was not very experienced in the kitchen.  To top that off, she was not in a good mood that day so I knew there was no way she would allow us to eat something else.

When she placed the plates in front of us; I immediatedly noticed how weird they looked.  I glanced at my brother and he looked fearfully at the flat, lifeless circular blobs.  I, too was appalled that she expected us to eat those things!

My mother noticed our reluctance and warned us that we better eat every single piece of our pancakes.   For a few minutes she stood guard over us to make sure we’d do just that.  I courageously took a bite hoping for the best.  It was the worst of times.   Even at my young age I  realized she put too much baking soda  in the mix!  Satisfied with my mouthful, she left us to own devices.

My brother sat there with tears in his eyes while I was busy thinking.  We lived in a high rise and was many floors up.  It finally dawned on me that we could throw them out the window if I was clever enough.  I cut my pancakes in fours and did my brother’s next. 

Glancing around furtively for her probing eyes, I made my way to the window.  The coast was clear so I rapidly dumped some of our pancakes out the window.

I told my brother to shuffle the remaining pancakes on his plate to make it appear as if he was eating.  My mother checked on us again and saw the diminishing stacks and smiled.

When she walked away I excused myself from the table with a napkin of carefully concealed pancakes.  My plan was to flush them down the toilet.

Once back at the table I dropped the rest of her culinary science project out the window.  We were saved!

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  1. Awww, that’s nice of you to help take care of your brother’s pancakes too. 🙂 I wonder how many birds or stray dogs thanked you for the free pancakes that day. He he.

  2. That’s such a cute story, Morocco. You and your brother were so kind not to hurt your mom’s feelings…I’m not such a good cook, but we all laugh about it at our house. 😉

  3. Oh you were suchhhh a clever kid !! Really it was very interesting tyo read this post of yours . I could picture the scene laid by you here..your bro in tears and you thinking ! Clever girl ! Nice ! And I also wonder our moms are so innocent that they don’t understand our nostalgic nature and believe on whatever we say and show them ..
    Moms of the World -Are you familiar with the World Famous Moms?

  4. I thought for sure you were going to tell us that the pancakes landed on some poor unsuspecting person below. 🙂

    About the Kindle…I don’t own one, so I can’t advise you.

    And I’m glad you didn’t have anything worse happen than a simple donut on the slippery road.

  5. What a great were so kind not to make her feel bad about the taste of her pancakes…and sweet to help your brother get rid of his as well….Happy New Year!!

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