Pass the Kids


Yesterday I ran into my SIL’s husband at the grocery store.  I immediatedly asked about the kids and was told that they would be getting the boys in May.  Apparently Eliza has been stirring up trouble from her prison cell with her own sister regarding how she is raising her kids.  Fed up, the sister has decided that she’d rather not deal with Eliza, Ethan, or Evan.

This really bothered me.  The kids would have been fine with me, yet they were senselessly uprooted out of spite.  Doesn’t she see how this nomadic lifestyle will eventually have an adverse affect on her boys?  Not to mention, my SIL is not the best candidate to rear a child.  They live in a two bedroom apartment for starters and are barely getting by.  Her husband has 5 kids outside of the 1 they have together, plus she has another daughter.  My SIL is also half-baked, literally and figuratively speaking.

Her husband is not in favor of this and has decided that if she goes against his wishes, he will move out.  With Evan’s behavioral problems, the number of kids they already have to provide for, and the fact that Eliza and her looney tune brother would never leave them in peace, I understand why he is saying no.

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  1. Eliza has apparently not changed a bit. Its such a shame that they uprooted the kids from your house!

    How has life treated you otherwise? I’ve missed you!

  2. Hi Amy!

    I know. There are so many things about the situation that I simply don’t understand!

    I’ve been getting by. I’ve had a lot of dark days and probably more to come, but hopefully I’ll get through. I miss you!

  3. I did not know you were back! Hi! I will add you back to my blogroll! I am sorry to hear you still have to deal with all of your crazy family ways! They are LUCKY to have you around. It is great that you CARE! Stay well. I will be around! 🙂 Happy shopping!

  4. I agree that is a total shame. My prayers and thoughts are definitely going out to the boys. I couldn’t imagine what their lives are like right now. I also can’t imagine the frustration you must be feeling.

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