The Sisterhood


There are places in cyberspace where sisters of all ages, creeds, and colors meet up as often as they can for a little girl talk, motivation, support, love, candor, and fun.

This is only one such place. 

You all are like sisters to me! After I read the comments left on Date Night I started laughing, then I started crying.  I cried out of sadness  (just the fact that I even have to date) but more so out of gratitude.  I am so thankful that you all have been here with me.  It has been a long, strange trip, my friends!  Who knew that I would begin as stepmom and end up Ms. Singlemama?

Maybe God knew (of course He did) that I would need this circle of love to get me through a very tender season?  Blogging has no doubt helped carry me through the abysss.

I take your advice and suggestiions to heart because I know you gals want the best for me and vice versa.  I just value you ALL beyond belief!!! So I thank you Stacy, Joy, Doraz, Suzanne, Justaglimpse, Rhonda, Leila, Crys, Been There, Dragonflymama, Serendip, Kweenmama, Starla, Old Freind, Kelly, Destined,  Natalie, Yo, Amy, and anyone else that I forgot to mention who has been kind enough to leave a comment on this blog!

One love,



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  1. Proud to be a member of the “Sisterhood!” You are a very nice person and I wish nice people nice things. Now all those b*tches out there…another story!!!! Hang in! Have a great week!

  2. Morocco, you are so precious to me. I feel so blessed that God allowed our paths to cross. Okay, I’m done crying now. hehe *Big GIANT hug*

  3. I’m also glad to be part of the Sisterhood. You have been a listening ear for me plenty of times and I can never thank you enough for being there for me as well. You deserve much happiness!

  4. I like the Sisterhood thing. It’s fun to be a part of a group like we are and hon, you don’t need to thank me. I honestly care for you and want you to succeed. Lots of love to you this day.

  5. Morocco, that is how I’ve felt ever since I started my blog last year. I’m ever so thankful that I have women to share my experiences (good or bad) with. Interesting how such challenges in life can bring people together. I really look forward to hearing more about you!

  6. You’re welcome. You’ve taught me a lot about love and gratitude, quiet and calm, and backing down and away, and preserving the home front. Like all friendships, it’s mutual. Take care & have a good week.

  7. You are so sweet! I’ve been trying to get my life back, and sat down to really visit you again. What a welcome back! I have missed you more than you know! (BTW-I really do have something coming your way. Suzanne and I have labeled my problem- it is that I am postally challenged! But I think you will like it!)

    I will say though that even though I haven’t been on line-you have been in my prayers. 🙂

  8. I should be thanking you. You’ve been a great example to me of how to handle difficult situations with grace. I think things are going to continue to look up for you.

  9. That was such a heart felt post I could feel it soften my heart. Thank you so much for that. As I am learning to be a sister as I have never had sisters and my heart sings to have you and my other blog sisters.

  10. Yah!! Thank you too! I love being a bloggy sister:) I love reading your blog and all the things from your life. You continue to inspire me in my life. I feel so lucky too to have found a supportive group of wonderful women to share my experiences with too. Though we may not “know” each other in “real” life, it is still pretty real and deep and it is a continued blessing.

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