Since Tuesday I have been under the weather!  It started with general flu like systoms while I was at work.  I had the shivers very badly despite having on a blazer, my coat on top of that, my default sweater, and one of my student’s jackets was draped across my legs!  The kids kept telling me that I looked terrible and that Imust have the swine flu!

Afterschool I went to my doctor’s appointment scheduled a few weeks in advance for a follow-up. I had a temperature of 102 degrees.  I assumed it was a problem with my tonsils because they have often flaired up over the years. She did a strep test and it was negative.  So she decided that it was just a virus and that I should stay home for a day.

Wednesday morning I felt TERRIBLE!  I had a fever, my throat was KILLING me, and I could not even swallow my own saliva! I couldn’t eat or drink a thing either.  My voice was totally distorted, my left ear was full of pressure, nor could I not stop drooling!  And sleep, forget about it! 

Thursday it was worse so I called and asked for an antibiotic.  She responded with a high powered pain reliver and another day off of work.  She also said if my throat didn’t get better she would have to run a test for mono.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I tried to go to work Friday!  The kids kept telling me how terrible I looked!  I ended up  leaving two periods early because I was in so much pain.

Saturday morning I had a doctor’s appointment with another doctor on weekend duty.  It was obvious that I was suffering greatly and he immediatedly went to work, especially after he saw my cup of salivia. I was tested for mono with a finger prick and it came back negative. Then he returned saying that I had a really bad infection in my tonsils (this I knew all along.).  Therefore I received an antibiotic shot in the butt that hurt like mad, and prescriptions for Lidocaine, liquid Vicodin, and Augmentin.  Why was it so hard for my own doctor to do this?

Things started turning around for the better after the shot.  My throat started to loosen up for starters.  Later in the day I was even able to eat a banana, which almost bought tears to my eyes!  I haven’t been able to eat all week!  Then I was able to drink a few ounces of tea.

Around ten tonight I woke up out of my sleep because I had a foul taste in my mouth.  I went to the bathroom and started spitting up bile.  I actually knew what it was because I’ve been down this road before.  The abscess on my tonsil somehow had burst.  Usually they drain them with a needle, so I’ve never had one do it on its own.

After it drained, I was able to swallow without pain!  This is something I have to relearn after using a cup to spit in for close to a week.  I can even eat a little food now! But I do wonder why my doctor didn’t investigate more considering that I told her of my history?  I resent being miserable for so long when she could have simply given me a prescription for an antibiotic!

I learned through this experience to be thankful for the little things–the ability to swallow, chew, drink, and to sleep through the night without waking up in wretched pain.


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  1. I used to go thru things like this with my tonsils all the time. I finally had mine removed. I’m so sorry that the Dr. didn’t pay attention to your medical history. He could have saved you days of agony. And I know how hard it is to keep up with the kids while you’re feeling like a truck ran you over.

    Hope you’re back to 100% soon!

  2. Amy~

    Hi, yes, it is a pretty miserable existence. I wouldn’t wish this pain on Eliza! The doctors have wanted me to get them removed for years and I always felt like I was too old.

    I had my first nasty bout of tonsilitis at 18. I am very vigilant at the sign of a sore throat I make a doctor’s appointment in an attempt to ward off what just happened.

    I’m sure a lot of doctors get tired of their patients praticing medicine. But she could have listened considering I was actually right this time!

  3. Morocco-

    I got my tonsils out when I was 35. So, I don’t think you’re ever “too old”. It is one of the best things I’ve done. I was so tired of being sick every few months. It took me about 5 days to recover from the surgery as opposed to the 2-3 days it took my boys when they had their tonsils out. I pre-cooked a weeks worth of dinners so that they boys just had to heat them up.

    Hope you get better soon!

  4. Morocco, I am so sorry you’ve been ill. I have been wondering and concerned where you disappeared to. I’m glad you are feeling better and didn’t have the swine flu! You are always in my prayers…

  5. The only “good” thing that amounts from feeling like this is how darn glad you are when you feel better. It’s almost like a new lease on life and you really, REALLY appreciate the small things that we all tend to take for granted. I’m so glad you recovered in time for your awesome date.

  6. Girl, I am so happy that you feel better. As far as the going to work part, why do we do that? We wouldn’t let anyone else out the house like that, yet we take ourselves to work looking crazy with color drained from our skin. In the meantime, we set ourselves back at least a day or two. I know I say next time I’ll stay in bed, but never do. So, I know you won’t either. That’s the price of dedication. It’s high, but just something that those who are dedicated pay.

  7. I can barely shut my mouth, I’m so appalled. NO ONE should have to go through that. A week of one’s life is too long to go in pain, without the doctor’s double-checking and a BURST abscess to boot. That’s just WRONG in so many ways. Then, then, there’s your size. You are very small. Not eating for a week is harmful to your body. Infection in your mouth? I’d like to ask WHAT they were thinking, but they weren’t.

    UGH. You need to politely let your doctor know what happened and demand better care. This was and is NOT OK.


  8. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!


    You are so right!!! I am just thankful to be alive and eating and drinking! Praise God!!!!


    Unfortunately, the school system in which I work like for their teachers to come to school half dead. I have no idea why they enjoy putting the kids and themselves at risk for contracting some nasty virus. I always feel soooo guilty even when I am sick!


    I know! I was miserable beyond belief!!! I was soooo angry at my doctor!!!! I thought it was totally inconsiderate of her!

    And would you believe that my appointment was about my weight issue! I am so tempted to switch to the other doctor in her office who actually listened and then developed a treatment plan!

  9. Sounds like a new doctor may be in order. That drives me nut when doctors drop the ball. Especially at the risk of a patients health. I makes me angry too. Glad you finally got proper care and are on the mend.

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