I Stand Corrected!


Christine was telling the truth about Kierra’s doctor going on medical leave.  Kierra and Christine met with another docter who will perform Kierra’s surgery.  

For now, we do not know the date of the surgery.  We do know that Kierra will have it as soon as school is out.  Kierra’s school has three snow days to make up.  The school has yet to inform parents of the last day of school.

I was totally shocked to hear from Kierra  that Christine was telling the truth.  It’s a shame that our dealings with Christine only lead us to think the worst of her.  All the scheming and lying she does  lead us to believe she was trying to pull a fast one.

I’m not sure if I will ever let my guard down with Christine.  She has proven time and time again that she cannot be trusted.  This time though she did right by her child and took the necessary steps to ensure Kierra was taken care of.  She didn’t put her wants and needs before Kierra so I have to say kudos to her!

We are happy that during all this Kierra has not had a setback in her health.


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  1. Rhonda~

    I love how you acknowledged the fact that Christine was indeed on the up and up! I must admit, I certainly thought she was pulling a fast one! Kudos to you for giving credit where it is due. This, I know, is hard at times but well worth the effort to see Christine as neither diabolical nor divine, but just somewhere in the middle!

  2. Rhonda –

    It is so sad that based on the history of all the lies, we can not trust what the ex says. I am not surprised that you can admit when you stand corrected. That just goes to show what kind of woman you are! One day we will be done with having to deal with them directly…I’m counting the days!!!! I’ll be praying for you all, and Kierra with her surgery.

  3. Rhonda, that is really great to hear that she has put her child first. And I think that she actually will have to do a lot more to gain any trust from you guys, but the fact that she’s actually done good is at least a baby step in the right direction. Right? I hope that Kierra’s surgery is able to be planned soon.

  4. Sad but true, you can’t let your guard down with her even through the better times. Let’s look forward to her proving you wrong again 🙂 That means she is really doing what she is saying – haha.

  5. What still bothers me is the fact that Kierra will be with her again this time. I know she didn’t intentionally sabotage the surgery date but I can’t help but think she got over once again. Initially the surgery was scheduled when Kierra would be with us. You all know how Christine was freaking out that she couldn’t do anything to change it. That’s why it was shocking when we found out that she indeed was telling the truth about Kierra’s doctor oging on medical leave.

    Now I see Christine jumping up and down in celebration that things worked out in her favor.

    I’m bumbed but the bigger picture is that Kierra is going to be just fine soon and that’s all that really matters!

  6. Rhonda, you are indeed a good woman to realize that Kierra is what really matters. I think it’s wonderful that you don’t allow bitterness or anger to distract your love and attention from Kierra. Yay you!

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