Hurting people hurt people.  They do this to focus their attention elsewhere so that they don’t have to deal with the real pain of their situation.  It’s like people who physically cut themselves.  While these “cutters” don’t actually draw blood, their “cuts” come in the form of attacking others. 

However, knowing this information beforehand only makes it slightly easier to tolerate their toxic behavior.  I still wonder:

  •   Why can’t they get themselves together? 
  •   How do they feel once the temporary high of cutting subsides?

It is hard not to respond in a similar fashion, yet I know that doing so won’t get me very far.  Plus cuts do leave scars!  I can’t begin to count the number of times I have wanted to slice and dice Eliza right back  with a machete the length of Texas.  I have envisioned myself filleting her like a piece of meat at Benihana’s!   And she’s not the only one in queue for those knife tricks!

Fantasies aside, I have to remind myself that I don’t want to do anything to add to her already troubled state.  I breathe easier that way!

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  1. I know what you mean. It is extremely hard not to “fight back” when others are attacking you. For your own peace of mind it’s best to ignore people that cause harm to you. It’s hard but in the end you’ll know that you did not stoop to their level.

  2. You girls know I can relate! Morocco, what a great analogy, cutting with words and actions sometimes hurts much more than a physical pain. We all know who I’d like to duke it out with, but we also know that I just don’t have it in me. It’s so much easier to pity the fool that she is. These women are hurting us, but they’re hurting their children way more than we will hurt. My “Shrew” hides behind a cloak of “claiming the eternal Christian” when her actions are not even in the ballpark of “Christ-like”. When she does something vile, I always wonder how that fits into her idea of a “Christian” life. Is that what she seriously thinks Jesus would do?!?! I know that I am the better person for not enabling her vile, disgusting behavior like everyone else around my husband I. I will continue to pray for the “Shrew”. I will continue to be true to myself and know that my behavior is not in the least like hers, thank the Lord!

    Morocco and Rhonda, we are better than that because, like Rhonda said, we would not stoop to their level! We are secure in ourselves that we don’t need to be jealous of them, like they are of us; therefore we do not need to exhibit such dysfunctional, disgusting behaviors.

    Great post, Morocco! You ARE WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. Each day I do my best to tolerate people like this, but some days I have enough! I believe you can effectively respond without losing your dignity! My sanity counts, too! Great post, Morocco!

  4. Sometimes the scars that show on the outside aren’t the ones that hurt us the most. Great analogy M. This is why I try so hard to avoid “conflict” until I’ve had time to sort it out in my head. You can’t un-ring a bell and you can’t take back things you say so I feel it’s best to be careful.

  5. That is a great analogy and a great new way to look at it (at least it has given me a new view that I can relate to). Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great analogy Morocco. I need time to let this post sink in because my tongue can be so sharp sometimes. This post hurt. It did indeed cut me and make me really become more serious about getting it together.

  7. Another great post (as usual). I have learned to keep the toxic people in my life at a distance, it is just easier that way. Unfortunately, there are events coming up that I will have to be around certain people, I hope I can ignore their hurtful ways…

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