Guess What?


I’ve been asked on a date by a guy who seems different from the Men @ Work (he’s single for starters).  He has been very sensitive and understanding about my loss.  He is a good conversationalist and has listened attentively for the last month to my deepseated, ardent lamentations.   This has been a good outlet for me as I don’t like to constantly burden family and friends with my tales of woe. I don’t feel that he has a hidden agenda either.  It has been close to six months and I am finally at the point in which I have accepted my husband’s death.

I do think an occassional, platonic dinner and a movie would be okay, but I don’t know!  It could just be my loneliness talking.  Maybe this step would help me enter back into the Land of the Living?


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  1. Morocco, there is nothing wrong with a platonic date. I think if it feels right to you that you should trust yourself. God will lead you, so lean on him in times of doubt. Be blessed dear girl!

  2. Morocco….you are NOTgoing to marry the guy!!! Just go have fun! Take it one step at a time! Oh, take my grandma’s advice…she is a little old lady from Italy…”.Do not trust anyone, too quickly!” So, you know in your heart what to do! 🙂

  3. I agree that if you feel this guy’s trustworthy and your instincts are good, go for it. Go for dinner and to a movie and just enjoy yourself. It’s just a date and you really should get out. You’d know if it weren’t “right” and I think it would be really good for you.

  4. I agree with doraz. You are not marrying him so it’s okay to get out and enjoy life. I think it will give you more to talk about and allow you to not focus so much on all you’ve been through. Enjoy it and remember you are in control and if you decide it’s no longer okay, it’s your call. Continue to remain up front and let him know what your position is.

  5. I’m proud of you for considering it. I sense you’re still hesitant; however, you know that this doesn’t negate your prior love. Take your time and make sure he knows if he breaks your heart (or hurts any part of you) you have about 1,000 online Sis-Tas ready to TAKE HIM DOWN. 🙂 Not that threatening someone is a healthy start to a relationship. LOL!

  6. Girls~

    Thanks for the encouragement! Slowly I am coming to terms with what is. Destined you are so right–I need something else to focus on! Doraz I have the CUTEST new shoes ever!!! And Suzanne, that is actually how I view you all–as sisters, lol!

    I just feel so warm and bubbly inside!

  7. Morocco It’s Spring! And a little platonic company sounds wonderful. Just be honest with how you feel and where your at sounds like he is like you said sensitive. How nice I am so excited for you.;+) I like Doraz comment wear some cute shoes.LOL Have fun hope you go.Sometimes a coffee date it’s a short time and not too romantic like candle light and if your freaking out you can drink up and on your way. Just a thought sounds like your already comfortable with him.

  8. Starla~

    Actually I am pretty comfortable with him. Of course we will be in a public place so that provides some security for me. Look forward to seeing an update soon!

  9. It sounds good to me! there is nothing wrong with getting out there and having a little fun, especially with a nice guy! If he has been a good friend and understands your position, then all the better, he’ll know where you are coming from. Have fun and tell us how it goes later;)

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