Wait, I say on the Lord! Psalms 27:14

Yesterday I was cooking when I received a call from The Neighbor a.k.a Rear Window ( as in the Alfred Hitchcock movie) telling me that Nicholas was very high up in one of our trees and he didn’t want him to get hurt.  Jazmine was sitting on the floor flipping through a book.  I ran out side to see and to my dismay and horror, he was way up there!  I yelled for him to get down immediatedly!  Nicholas replied he was on his way down, but he couldn’t have anyone watching because it made him nervous.  I relunctantly went back inside and turned down the eye on the stove.

When I went back out, he was closer to the ground.  I was so relieved when he finally touched down.  I explained to him not to climb in any more trees without me being present.  Had he fallen, he would have really hurt himself!  That was the last thing I needed!  I also told him it was time to come in.

By this time Rear Window was outside with his two children.  When we got to the door it was closed.  Not only was it closed, it was locked!  I didn’t panic right away because I had my cell phone with me.  Plus, I thought I could talk Jazmine through unlocking the door.  No such luck.  When she figured out that we were not able to get in, she started crying.  I stood on the other side talking to her.

I began to worry when I heard the timer go off.  That meant the smothered chicken was finished cooking.  I saw visions of flames and smoke, sure that the pan would burn and set the house on fire.  I also thought that Jazmine might try to turn off the timer and burn herself in the process.  If nothing else, I was sure that our dinner would be ruined. I grew extremely frazzled!

I called my uncle who has a spare  keyand he said “I’m on my way.”  I called a couple friends to share my dilemma while Nicholas entertained Jazmine.  Kara cracked jokes to help alleviate my worries.  Schappelle prayed.

My uncle arrived twenty minutes later and we were saved!  Jazmine sat by the door looking forlorn.  My uncle picked her up while I turned the eye off.  The food was perfect!  I was a little surprised considering it simmered for thirty minutes longer than it should have.  It wasn’t even scorched!

From this experience I learned that I need to have more faith.  I must believe that all things will work out for the good.  God has the most unique ways of reminding us that he is in control!

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  1. Morocco, you do seem to live quite an adventurous life! Staing calm and keeping the faith is a good idea. Things have a way of getting done, as they should. Hang in there with that cooking of yours! Sounds delicious!

  2. You are so right! When I get frustrated and down about things in my life, my husband always reminds me that God prevails! Thanks for sharing, I’m glad everything turned out well and everyone is safe. =)

  3. I’m so glad he got out of that tree okay. My oldest grandson got stuck in a tree last week and something had to climb up and get him out. One of his feet got stuck and he was quite embarrassed.

    I seem to lock myself out of the house often also. I had to hide a key outside just because it happens to me to much and if I were out there in the winter, I could freeze to death living where I do. Often times I’ll just run out in my pajama’s to grab something off the deck and the door will shut behind me just a little to much and there I stand!

    I’m glad your meal turned out well too. All’s well that end’s well.

  4. This is a lesson we can all learn over and over again, so thanks for illustrating this with such a good example. (and so glad Nicholas is fine). I have been simmering this trust (many days with a side dish of heavy bargaining) since mid-January when my husband lost his job.
    We are piecing things together with freelance work and contracts, and now he’s launching his own business. God’s timing and our timing don’t always coincide, but it is always for good.

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