I’ll Have a Lemon Mojito, Please


Yesterday my son’s 5th grade class had lunch at Benihana’s.  They won this privilege after donating the most pounds of pasta to Second Helpings.  I asked Nicholas about his experience.  He told me how much he loved seeing the cool tricks performed by the chef. 


Upon entering the restaurant, he noticed an advertisement for a beverage, a Lemon Mojito to be exact.  Used to seeing Trader Joe’s (non-alcoholic) Sparkling Mojito in our fridge, he simply thought it was a lemon version of this same drink.


When it was Nicholas’ turn to order his beverage, “I’ll have a Lemon Mojito, please”  he said.  Amused I  asked what he teacher thought about his premature request.  She said “Well, I don’t think your quite old enough for that drink,” as she explained to him that it contained alcohol!

At least he said “please!”



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  1. LOL! I bet his class had a great time. So what did he order instead of the Lemon Mojito? They make a lot of frozen tropical drinks. Non-alcholic of course!

    Benihana’s is one of my family’s favorite resturants. We have had that same chef cook for us on several occasions.

    Their Mojito’s are really good. I’m not a drinker but I’ll have one on occasion. I had my first one at Benihana’s while celebrating my friend Tina’s birthday. Her brother ordered one for her and it looked so good. I kept looking at it. All of a sudden the waiter appears with one just for me. Tina’s brother was laughing and said “I thought you might want one too!”

    The last time I went I had a Mango Mojito.

  2. I think it is great when kids can see first hand what cooks go through in their work! The food always taste better! I love this place! The excitement is contagious! Have a great weekend!

  3. We just love Benihana’s and these photo’s make me realize how long it’s been since we’ve gone. I have to make it a point to go there soon. Isn’t the shrimp sauce to die for?? I’m with you, at least he said please and I think it’s very cute.

    I also really like the idea how they earned this trip. I think donating food is a wonderful idea for kids. My granddaughter has had two food drives last month. One for church and one for school She cleaned me out! It was fun for her and a thinking experience at the same time.

  4. 8) Cute story. I think Nicolas must be a wonderful spirit and a joy to be around. What fun for you and how fortunate as well.

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