The Guilt Trip


So I was right! I knew there was no way that Christine was just going to be ok with Kierra leaving the hospital with us.

When Husband picked up Kierra for her weekday visit she told my husband about Christine trying to make her feel guilty for wanting to come to our house after she’s released from the hospital.

Christine sobbed to Kierra asking her why she just can’t come home with her and visit us later in the week. Kierra stood her ground and told Christine that was her time to be with her dad anyway for the spring break vacation.

Husband decided to call her to make sure Christine was aware that he would indeed exercise his right for spring break with Kierra. Christine was livid. She asked him why he was springing this on her now and why they didn’t have a discussion about it. Husband said that was what he was doing at that moment “having a discussion with her.” He also said that we just found out about the surgery two days ago and he was more concerned with the surgery than going back and forth with her about his rights.

Then Christine launched into her dramatics saying that he only called her at work because he knew she couldn’t talk. (She doesn’t know how to talk if things do not go her way. She yells curses and then hangs up the phone). Husband told her that if he would have called her at home she wouldn’t answer. And if one of the girls answered the phone she would not accept his call. (She only talks to him when she wants something). So calling her at her job was his only option.

Christine asked him why Kierra couldn’t go home with her. So he asked why she couldn’t come home with us. She went on and on about how she was off work and how she could take care of Kierra while we were at work. He let her know that everything had already been taken care of. He told her that I was off for spring break as well. Christine said that Kierra had went home with her the last time. He replied correct it was your weekend and there was no need to discuss who she was gong home with.

He said in this case you can not give me a valid reason why you want her to go with you instead of me. She just kept going on and on about how he was not right for calling her at work because she couldn’t say what she wanted to say. (In other words, she couldn’t scream profanities at him and slam the phone down in his ear).

Well Christine did just that minus the profanities.  She hung up on Husband after he made it clear that Kierra would come home with us.

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  1. It figures that she would be adamant about not leaving Kierra in her very capable father and stepmother’s care after the surgery. Of course I know you would have no problem opening up your home to her if she wanted to visit with Kierra during this time. But it’s her who refuses to step foot in your house!

    I think a lot of Christine’s issues stem from being insecure. Insceurity can play ugly tricks with one’s mind. She is afraid that Kierra loves you and your husband more than she does her. It doesn’t matter that Kierra probably loves you all equally, because in her head, she has it that she is inferior for whatever reason.

  2. Boy, we know what it’s like to deal with someone like that. My husband’s ex is that same way on the phone. She is only civil to my husband if there is someone who can hear. If she’s alone she turns into a total demon, sreaming and swearing. Just once I would love for her millionaire sugar daddy to see what she’s REALLY like.

  3. I commend your husband for standing his ground and telling her what’s what. It’s not surprising that she threw a tantrum when things didn’t go her way –that’s what happens with my husband’s ex. Why is it that they think they “have” to CONTROL, control, and control some more?

  4. Morocco~Christine doesn’t realize that she is losing her daughter by trying to make her choose between her parents. It’s totally not fair to put that stress on her.

    Kweenmama~I know what you mean. I say that all the time. I wish some of her people could hear some of the things that come out of her mouth. Christine walks around like she is the victim. Just once I want someone to witness one of her tirades. I think her ex did and that’s why he broke up with her.

    Doraz~I hope things will get better soon, but I have been saying that from the beginning, 13 years ago. We have 3 more years where we actually have to deal with the madness.

    Stacy~Girl, me too. Sometimes if it’s not worth fighting over her doesn’t say anything. Most of the time her “requests” do not affect whats going on at our home. Not only that, Kierra is at a age where she can make choices on what she wants. So we leave a lot up to her. She wants to be with us so Husband had to fight for her. This time he wouldn’t let her ranting change his mind.

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