The Skinny


Yesterday I decided I needed to go shopping for new jeans and a few other odds and ends. My friend and hair stylist of 14 years and I headed to the mall. She only went to appease me as she does not like to shop–imagine that!!! But she was on her best behavior and allowed me to go wild trying on everything that suited my fancy without getting her panties in a bunch.  I was really in a shopping mood and was thus thankful that she was so patient with me for a couple of hours.  Even six inch heels didn’t slow me down!

I really have to take my time looking for the right pair of jeans. I am short with a very tiny waist. Most jeans are entirely too long or don’t fit my waist properly.

So I decided to try the latest fad, “skinny jeans.” This style is actually new for me because I was a mere toddler at the peak of their popularity. I’ve seen them on a few women out and about and on girls at school and I love the way they hug the ankles.

I found a really cute pair and commenced to try them on. They fit almost perfectly! They didn’t gape open at the waist nor did they sweep the floor. They will look great paired with pumps or ballet flats.


With flats

With flats


"Saucy and extra bossy" as the kids like to say

"Saucy and extra bossy" as the kids like to say

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  1. I own several pair and love them. You can wear them with just about any shoe. Skinny jeans work really well if you want to wear them inside your boots.

    Enjoy your new fashion trend!

  2. I also love skinny jeans. I do tuck them in my boots and like that look during the cold days! I love to go shop, so I am thrilled you had a great day! Have fun this weekend! 🙂

  3. I loved seeing these pics. I love the *saucy and extra bossy* look. The jeans look terrific and they are really nice when you need to tuck them in your boots.

  4. Very cute! I “wish” I could wear skinny jeans, I’m afraid I’d look like a giant pear if I tried to wear them! lol

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