Annie Get Your Gun!


I have always been wary of guns even though I know it is the person behind the weapon that I should be most afraid of.  Guns alone can do no harm.  But still, they scare me!

I have never had the desire to own a gun.  My  husband tried to reason with me as to why it was necessary to have one.  I thought it was too dangerous considering we had a houseful of growing, curious boys.  I felt safe with him there even sans gun.  Therefore, out of respect for me, he relunctantly gave up his second amendment right.

Now I am starting to see things differently.  What would I do if someone happened to invade our home?  How would I defend myself and the little ones? 

In December I applied for a gun permitt and received it Saturday. A month ago my friend Kara and I shot our first ever firearm.   I was so nervous!  The shooting range was very loud and unsettling.  It was a solemn moment as I pondered the power of guns.  I was determined to educate myself about them.  My first shot was straight to the heart.  

I am considering purchasing one for protection.  Though I would hate to have to use it on anyone, someone might not have the same feelings about using it on myself or the children.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I didn’t have the firearm conversation before we were married – it wasn’t until we were moving into our home that I realized my husband was a well armed cowboy. This was cause for contention and took me YEARS to warm up to the idea of having guns in our home. The first time I shot a gun I cried. But, like you, my thoughts have changed. I feel confident and competent behind a firearm and professionally help women to feel the same. Here’s some food for thought on powerful reasons why women may want to consider being proficient with a firearm: and Enjoy!

  2. Just make sure the kids have gun safety as well as yourself.

    When we were in Indiana, I would have never believed that my kids would ever look at a gun that wasn’t on tv, let alone be shooting them. Here in Tx, especially with us buying the small ranch, having one to keep coyotes away is almost necessary. The gun safety class the kids took is worth its weight in gold.

  3. Kellene~

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll definitely stop by the site.


    I’ll have to search around to see if we have any local gun safety classes for kids, great idea!

  4. I do not own a gun. I have no problem with most people owning one. If you wanted to, you could kill a person using a pen or pencil. I believe the key is to educate everyone in the household on gun safety. Then, hope you never have to use it, but have the “security” of knowing it is there, if you do need it.

  5. Morocco, guns do have their place in society. I believe you have taken the steps to be responsible about it. My husband is avid about owning a gun. He had some when we first got together, and had to sell them for various reasons. He is now in law enforcement, and the military, so he will be buying one again soon. I plan on having him teach our children about gun safety, but not allowing them near that thing! I don’t really like guns, myself, but I think I’d be better off defending my family with a gun than a baseball bat. I have shot a gun and it’s a very scary feeling, indeed. I think it’s a smart move for you, especially considering your circumstances and all the crazies that border your life.

  6. Stacy~

    I agree. I wish I didn’t see it as necessary for me to own a gun; but you are dead on (no pun intended!) in that I have a lot of loonies in my periphery!

    A gun in the hand of an uneducated person is a dangerous thing as well, which is why I want to learn how to use one properly so that I may overcome my fear of them.

    I am also going to contact our local gun store to see if they can point me in the direction of gun safety classes for children.

  7. I think it’s great as long as your taking a firearm class and are learning to shoot and be safe the right way.

    I have never liked guns. They do scare me a lot. My husband collects them. He and my sons love to target practice but that’s all they do with hand guns. We do need a gun where we live now but not for protection but in case of a wild animal or an injured one. They all have gun locks on them as well as in a huge gun safe. There isn’t one not in there.

    I also believe that kids who grow up to respect guns will be better off than not having one in your home. If kids are made aware of the consequences of what a gun can do, they are way less apt to play with them because they have been taught that they aren’t a toy. Most gun accidents happen to kids in other peoples homes who have no concept of what a gun can do and kids are naturally curious.

    I think it’s neat that you are doing this really M. I think you will all be okay. You are doing it the RIGHT way.

  8. Joy~

    This is a very serious matter and I am approaching it that way. I have already had a firearm safety class. Kara and I are going to continue going to the range to practice until we get comfortable. They are still scary to me at this time.

  9. Morocco, I can totally relate to the feeling of needing protection. Have you looked into self-defense courses for you, and eventually the kids when they get a little older? I know that watching the boys take their Kajukenbo classes at the dojo has definitely sold me. I really like how the Sifus (teachers) teach how to protect yourself. I’m really looking at the adult classes, although they would totally mess with the schedules I have now. But I think that it’s great that you’re keeping safety in mind. I grew up in the ghetto and guns have definitely never been on my list of favorite things. I read the comment on kids safety courses, I think that’s a great thing to look into. And practice at the range is great too. I always think that you’re much safer if you practice using it, then allowing it to sit around. It keeps it active, keeps you active and allows you to become familiar with how it works. I pray that you’ll never have to use it, but if you ever do you won’t be taken by surprise by how it works.

  10. Crys~

    I know! I was surprised at how heavy the gun was (a 9mm). It had quite a kickback, too. So I will need more practice to develop ease of using it because I am still uncomfortable.

    Exactly, a gun is no good if you don’t know how to operate it properly. Although I would never, ever want to shoot/harm/maim a living thing, however I would like to have paece of mind in the form of a equalizing force.

  11. Morocco –

    I’m glad I read this because recently I’ve given some serious thought to buying a gun when I am a little more than wary of guns; however, life gave me an unexpected surprise and for the first time in my life I wonder if it’d be a good idea. I’m so wary I won’t let my son bring his air guns home – they stay at my parent’s house in a safe.

    But after recent events…I have started to think I was stupid for not having one before now.

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