After Winter…


When I saw these budding green sprouts yesterday, it made me so happy! The weather is cold, the grass brown, and the sun shines only for a fleeting moment.  Everything seems so lifeless and barren.  But seeing this lovely burst of green was a gentle reminder that God has not forgotten about me.  This is His version of “picture mail! He designed spring to follow winter for a reason. Hallelujah!

Springing forward!

Springing forward!

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  1. Spring is rejuvenating. It feels like coming out of the dark and getting to know the world again. I’ve missed you! Have an absolutely beautiful day!

  2. That’s picture is symbolic of so many things. I also look for signs for nature. You are spot on on this. I agree with justaglimpse that it signifies rejuvenation. You deserve it. Enjoy it. Also, go treat yourself.

  3. Isn’t it a wonderful blessing that God provides us with “springs” after the “winters” of our lives? You are right, He hasn’t forgotten about you. He will continue to be with you.

  4. I love this also. Isn’t seeing that greenery and new life great after a long winter? I do enjoy all the seasons and I don’t hate winter like most people but OH, how I love to see these little buds appear.

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