Christine’s Ex


The Ex dated Christine for about a year off and on.  Kierra liked him and at times she didn’t.  He seemed to be good for Christine because she wasn’t so bad when they were on and not off.

The Ex has a daughter and a son by different mothers.  His son’s mother lives in our city and his daughter’s in another state.  We figured he had a lot to do with calming the fires with Christine since he was is the same position as Husband.  Kierra has mentioned that his son’s mother acted “crazy” with him sometimes.  She said that the mom would cause problems if she knew Christine would be around. 

I used to wish that Christine would meet someone like her so she could feel the same things we did when she acted out towards us.  Well, I got my wish.  Not that I took joy in her discomfort, I just wanted her to open her eyes to the unnecessary conflicts that she was starting with us.

We also figured that Christine told the Ex horrible stories about us especially my husband.  Right again…I’ll explain later.

As she became closer to the Ex he became more visible.  He attended Kierra’s performances at school.  The first time Husband went and introduced himself and shook his hand.  Each time thereafter we saw him; Husband would speak and held short conversations with him.  Christine seemed to be flustered that they were talking.

During their last break up Husband ran into the Ex alone.  He said, “Boy did she paint a pretty bad picture of you!”  They both had a good laugh.  He told my husband that he was nothing like Christine described him to be.

At the hospital my husband learned quite a bit from the Ex about Christine and her shenanigans.

Christine made it seem like they were back together (her and the Ex).  After Kierra’s intial doctor”s appointment she promptly called the Ex and asked him to accompany her to the surgery.  She told him that she didn’t want to go alone.  He said he came to support Kierra because his daughter is the same age.

The Ex questioned her when he got to her house only to learn that her oldest daughter didn’t go to school so that she could be at the hospital, too.

He said that he used to tell Christine about herself all the time for the way she acted towards Husband.  She knew the drama he went through with his own son’s mother.

He told my husband that she complained all the time about Kierra coming to our home for visits.  He said she would try to bribe Kierra to stay home with her so THEY could be a family.  When Kierra did stay or go with her when she was at our home for summer visitation, Christine would try to act like she was so tired so she didn’t have to bring her back.  Kierra caught on.  He said he encouraged her to let Kierra spend extra time at our house.

He also told Husband that Christine said that Husband harrassed her all the time.  She told the Ex that Husband ran all her boyfriends away because he didn’t want her to be with anyone.  (Husband and I got a good laugh about that one.  They had not been together for over twelve years at the time). 

At one point the Ex and Christine were supposed to buy a house together.  They were looking for awhile and Christine seemed to be very happy.  Apparently they got into a huge fight about his son’s mother and things went downhill from there.

The Ex broke up with Christine because of her ways.  He said she was always going off about anything without letting him speak.  (doesn’t that sound familiar!)  He couldn’t deal with the way she treated Kierra knowing he was going through the same with his son’s mother.  (Oh, and the best one…)  She lies a lot. (Really?  Who would have thought!!!)  He said Christine was a cool person to hang out with but he could not be in a relationship with her.

Kierra said the Ex and Christine have gone to the movies from time to time since then.

I’m now wondering if Christine will call and ask him to go with her again to Kierra’s second surgery?

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  1. I’ve met one of Eliza’s ex boyfriend’s due his daughter being in my class. He too shared a lot of information with me about how Eliza felt about us. It was strange, yet eye-opening hearing it from the “other” end. He said he tried to help her get over her issues, but she was very set in her ways.

    It’s too bad that things didn’t work out for them because her ex is a decent, hardworking guy. I think he would have been good for her.

  2. I agree it is strange hearing things from someone that close. I have often pondered why they did not listen to their significant others.

    I say the same thing about Christine’s Ex. I think he was good to and for her while they were together. Too bad it didn’t work out.

  3. I have seen this happen often with people that “look” like they should be together…but, they are at different points. When they do match up, it is usually too late!!!

  4. Some people are pretty sad aren’t they? To make things up like this. I don’t even know what to say. I’m not much of a game player this way and I don’t understand people who are. Good luck to you and I’m praying that everything with the surgery goes well.

  5. Christine sounds like a very insecure person. It looks to me like she’s afraid that her daughter will love someone else “more” than she does her mom. It’s sad when parents don’t realize that a child has more than enough love to go around. Just like a parent doesn’t stop loving one child when they have another one.

    You seem like you’re really stressing yourself out over this surgery. I know it’s really hard to do (my boys have had multiple surgeries so I’ve been there) – but try to relax.

    I hope Christine doesn’t stress you out too much. You are obviously love Kierra very much and have a good relationship with her.

  6. Rhonda, I agree with Amy. You obviously love Kierra very much and she loves you. That’s should be a clue to her mother that you’re a good person. It’s too bad that her mother can’t see that. I guess that old saying, “He who takes the child by the hand, takes the mother by the heart,” is not true in this case.
    Don’t worry about her. Everything will be alright.

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