This morning as we were exiting the house, I noticed a car rounding our small cul-de-sac.  When I pulled out of the driveway I saw that it was parked in front of my neighbor’s house on the corner.   The driver, a young black man, was using a cell phone.  I made eye contact with the stranger and noted the gleam of his gold teeth in the moonlight  as I passed by.

I thought it was strange being that it was pretty early in the morning for a random stranger to be parked on our little street.  I reached for my cell phone so that I could call my neighbor and realized that I left it on the nightstand.  Thus I reversed back and retrieved my phone and set the alarm.  I considered calling the police but decided against it.  After all, streets are public domains and being creepy is not necessarily a punishable crime.  The stranger was still parked out front and stared at me as I slowly passed him again.  I tried to get the license plate number, but it was too dark.  I think the car was a Chevy Lumina.

Maybe I am just paranoid.  He could have been lost and was calling someone to get directions.  I don’t know his reason for being there, but I do know it left me with an ominous feeling.


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  1. I live on a small cul-de-sac, also. I am always looking out my kitchen window for strange happenings!! I think you are smart to be suspicious. Why did the car have to stop on your road, that is what I would ask myself!! One time a car was parked in front of my house, blocking my driveway!! I went out like I was checking my mail, and looked in. There was a guy in the car, laid back in his seat. I knocked on his window…I thought he was dead…and he awoke from his sleep!! I told him he might want to move up a little, as he was blocking my driveway, and he drove off!!! Oh well!!!

  2. Doraz~

    Then I was wondering why he even parked the car if he was lost and calling for directions? It just makes me wonder, especially with Eliza’s demented brother out in the free world!

  3. That IS creepy. It is my opinion that you can never be too careful, not in today’s world. I hope the guy doesn’t come back. If he does, your ominous feeling might be right on!

  4. Oooh, I would have been paranoid too. I hope that he doesn’t come back, but maybe you should keep a paper with times and dates that you see him (if you see him again). Is it possible that he’s a private investigator? (And I only ask that because my family was nutty enough to hire private investigators to tail each other after my aunt died and they all felt they were entitled to some monies.)

  5. Crys~

    I have the slightest idea. He could have been a P.I. I imagine they are dying to know about our life insurance policy. Though I don’t know what a P.I. could discern from my comings and goings–I don’t lead an exciting life by any means. But I could see her brother assigning one of his goons to go deep cover.

  6. Very creepy! I’m glad you are so aware of your surroundings to notice. I must admit that my first thought was that one of Eliza’s family might be watching you. Keep being careful.

  7. Morocco, there could many reasons why that stranger was parked on your street, and I bet none of them would be good. I have never seen a P.I. with (gold) teeth before, so you should rule out the P.I. idea. If he was parked, then he was waiting or watching for something or someone. Needless to say he did not belong there. Not knowing what the situation is, I think you should be a little more careful when leaving your home in the mornings, ie: (looking for strange cars near your house, keeping car doors locked while driving, keep garage doors closed until you are just about to pull out and leave.) This could be someone watching for someone else, but the fact still remains that he should not be there at all. If you should see him or anyone else parked like that again, call the police at that moment, and let the stranger explain to the officer why he is lurking in areas where he does not belong. You can never do too much to feel safe….

  8. Stacy~

    I too, always think of Eliza’s family when something strange occurs, how can I not? I am very careful because I don’t want anything to happen to me or the kids.


    It very well could be that he was a ‘reminder” for me to be even more careful than I already am. I had stopped setting the alarm, but I am going to start doing it again.

    Old Friend~

    If it was a “P.I.” it was one of of her brother’s hired goons. I guess paranoia is a good thing sometimes. I do all of the things you mentioned. If I ever see him again I will definitely call the police.

  9. I think it’s best to be careful and keep your eyes open for strange things, considering it all, but also don’t let your fear take on a life of it’s own. It’s a fine line, I know, and a difficult one to walk. I think you do a great job keeping yourself and your kids safe- just don’t let the fear take over.

  10. Morocco-

    It never hurts to be cautious. I would suggest that if you see him again- call the police. They can ask him what business he has there. And telling your neighbors was a great idea.

    Be safe!

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