Rattled Nerves! This is a long post…


Ok so I posted about Kierra’s upcoming surgery.  I have to go back to 10 months ago when Kierra had her first surgery.  This was a time when I thought things would get better for all of us. 

Husband and I went to her initial doctor’s appointment when we were told she would have to have surgery.  We arrived first and sat in the waiting area.  We talked quietly to ourselves.  When Kierra and Christine came in, Christine went to check in and Kierra came and sat with us.  When Christine finished filling out paperwork she sat on the other side of the waiting area. (Oh, did I mention that it’s no secret that Christine does not get along with us?)  We sat there for what seemed like forever before Kierra was called back.  Husband and I remained in the waiting room.

After a while Christine came out and called my Husband’s name.  We both stood and followed Christine to the examination room.  Inside the doctor talked to us about options for Kierra.  My husband and the doctor did most of the talking.  Christine stood next to Kierra stroking her hair.  Christine and Husband agreed on the date and everything was set.

Husband and I stepped out to give Kierra some privacy.  Christine and Kierra came out and received all the necessary paperwork for the surgery.  We all ended up on the elevator together and not one word was spoken amongst the adults.  Kierra talked to us as we were walking to the parking lot.

The morning of the surgery we arrived again before Christine and Kierra.  Kierra’s older sister and Christine’s ex-boyfriend came along as well.  Again Kierra sat with us on the oposite side of the waiting area until she was called back.  You could feel the negative energy floating around.  Christine did not like the fact that Kierra chose to sit with us.  When the nurse called Kierra’s name, Christine jumped up and rushed Kierra to her side in her trademark snippy voice.  Kierra was not amused by her mother’s actions.

The nurse took Kierra back and told us we would be able to join her after they prepped her for surgery. 

When the nurse called for Kierra’s family, Husband and I stood and walked over to the nurse.  Christine rushed up to her side and was agitated when her daughter and ex-boyfriend took their time getting out of their seats.  She spoke to me for the first time while we were waiting for her clan to follow us back to Kierra’s room.

Can you imagine how the scene looked to an outsider?  Everyone was tight-lipped.  You could feel the tension.

Kierra did the most talking making sure she held a conversation with everyone.  The nurse came in and explained the care needed during recovery.  Soon Kierra was taken back to the surgery room.

We all had to go back to the waiting area during the surgery.  Husband and I played a game.  We took turns writing a story.  I started with five lines and he had to write the next five.  As we waited we received calls from family and friend’s with their support and prayers.

At one point while waiting, I went into the lobby to take a call and to use the facilities.  While I was in the restroom Christine and her daughter came in.  Christine was crying and neither one said a word to me.  I finished washing my hands and went back to the waiting area.

Shortly thereafter the doctor called us to a small room to tell us how the surgery went.  Christine went towards the room.  Her Ex had stepped out.  She waited by the door impatiently waiting on him.  Husband and I went in and took a seat.  The Ex came back into the waiting area and Christine insisted that he come in with us.  He was very hesitant at first.

The doctor told us that the surgery was a success.  We went back to the waiting area to wait to be called back to see Kierra. 

Soon we were called and went back to her room.  Christine promptly went to Kierra’s side and kissed her all over her face.  Her daughter turned on the television to America’s Next Top Model.  After Christine finally sat down.  Husband and I went to her side.  Kierra was not fully awake and nodded in and out of sleep.  She could not leave the hospital until she was fully alert and had used the restroom.  When she did wake up Christine would not leave her alone and Kierra was very irritated.  Christine was somewhat annoyed when the Ex kept excusing himself from the room to take calls on his cell.

That was the most agonizing time of my life.  Christine was so obnoxious!  She made sure that she or her daughter did everything for Kierra while we were there. 

Several times Husband and her Ex had to step out.  During that time Husband got an earful of Christine’s drama.  (This is already so long, I’ll have to write another post about that.)

When it was time to leave we walked with the nurse to Christine’s car.  We gave Kierra our love and promised to come see her.  We went to get her some roses and met them at her house.  Christine stayed in the kitchen while we visited with Kierra.  We were there all of 15 minutes.

Later that evening I called to check on Kierra and asked if she wanted me to come over the next day to watch a movie with her.  Christine made sure to tell me that her family and friends would be over most of the weekend.  She told me that she would let me know when she no longer had company.  Do you think I ever received that phone call?  NOPE! 

I was surprised the next day when I called to check on Kierra that my sister-in-law was there.  She and Christine are arch enemies.  Kierra said that they had been there all day.

I was so hurt but quickly realized that nothing had changed.  Initally I thought this experience would help our relationship with Christine.  How wrong I was.  She is still the same.

That brings me to my rattled nerves.  We have to endure this mess all over again.  The difference this time is that Kierra will leave the hospital with us.  We know that Christine does not like this.  She called my husband being all nicey nice acting as if she is concerned about Kierra not seeing my brother and his family when they get in town.  My husband told her that it shouldn’t be a problem seeing as though Kierra will be with us anyway. 

In the back of my mind I have a feeling that Christine is going to make a fuss about her being the MOM and she needs to take care of Kierra as if we are not capable of doing so.  I called Morocco as soon as I got home.  I was so worked up about everything.  Thankfully she was there to listen to my rant and help to calm my nerves for the moment.

We’ll see.  Two more weeks, the countdown begins…

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  1. Unfortunately for you all, Christine is just miserable and you know how the old saying goes! Rhonda I would say continue to pray that God uses Kierra’s surgery as an opportunity for Christine to grow. Sometimes he puts us in the strangest, most uncomfortable places in life to make His grace and glory manifest. Keep things civil on your part and don’t engage in any pettiness with her. She wants to make the surgery about her when it truly is not.

    Therefore, remember to focus on Kierra no matter what tricks she may employ to divert your attention elsewhere. Kierra should not have to worry about anything other than recuperating.

  2. Oh dear friend, I can so relate! I am fortunate in that I don’t have to endure situations like this with my husband’s ex anymore. I will pray for you so that God eases the situation for you. Keirra is so blessed to have you as a step-mom. It’s obvious she loves you very much.

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