Moving On


My stepfather is doing wonderful.  I’m thankful as he’s had a rough couple of years.  He also has a girlfriend!  Although they haven’t been dating long, I was still touched when he asked me if I would be okay with their relationship.  Intially I felt a twinge of jealousy because she is not my mother and sadness in that he even has to travel this route.  However, these feeling were fleeting and I responded with a genuine “yes” and he seemed pleased.  I want him to be happy!

I asked my sister what she thought about him dating and she replied, Good! Now he can stop calling me! He needs someone to keep him busy!  Her response tickled me because I understood her seemingly aloof confession.  Before she (his new girlfriend) came along he was very lonely!  He called me what seemed like a million times a day to give me the run-down of his every activity!  My husband used to tease me about this.  Virtually everytime the phone rang it was…George!  But unlike my sister who simply stopped answering his calls, I took every one because I knew that he was just missing my mother.

His girlfriend seems like a nice woman.  She is also a widow.  George took me and the kids out to breakfast last Sunday morning and she came along.  She seemed a little nervous and shy so I tried to make her feel at ease by including her in the conversation and asking questions about her family. 

I wonder what her title would be if they ever marry?  Would she be our step-stepmom? Or just my stepfather’s wife?  I wonder what she thinks about his “motley” crew of children and grandchildren?  I know one thing, he is a package deal!


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  1. One of the worst things in life for a person is to think they will spend it alone in their old age. Since my dad died in 1987, my mom has had a rough road. I am happy for George! I am glad he has someone special he can spend time with. It seems like she will get along fine with you all!! Have a great day, Morocco!!! *(*

  2. I’m so happy you tried to include her in the conversation. I’m sure she was very nervous. Without all the “steps,” he must clearly love you.

    My mom calls me every morning and keeps me on the phone for a good half hour. Sometimes it really bothers me as we disagree about more than we agree on but I keep in my mind the fact that there will be a day when I can only wish to talk to her and I always answer and try to be as pleasant as I can be. I don’t want there to be any regrets.

    My parents were divorced in the early 70’s when I was a young teen and neither of them remarried until my dad 4 years ago. His new wife is wonderful and I’m so glad he found her. He was also very lonely and now he has someone to love and I’m happy for him. I don’t refer to her as my “step” mother but as my dad’s wife.

  3. I think that’s really great that you took steps to include her in the breakfast. I think we all know how nerve-wrecking it can be at that initial meeting. And I say that she would be whatever you felt in your heart that she was, all labels aside. 🙂 That’s great that he has someone to be a ray of sunshine in his day. That was very sweet of him to ask you your feelings on the matter. Some people wouldn’t even think to consider others feelings.

  4. Morocco, I think it’s wonderful that George is doing what feels right to him. I commend you for opening your heart to his girlfriend. My “family” is a hodge-podge of a mixed bag of people and it’s wonderful!

  5. Doraz~

    Oh, that is so heartbreaking! I hope she finds peace one day soon.


    I may be jumping the gun, but I know that George is the “marrying” type so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.


    Yes, he does love us, and when he loves somebody, he really loves them!


    Good point, how true!


    I do want him to be happy and I agree; it was very considerate of him to consult me first. I just hope her kids learn to accept and appreciate him in due time.


    He is still alive and well and there is no reason that he should not enjoy the rest of his life. I think my mother would have wanted this, too!

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