1 Blog, 2 Authors


I don’t think many of our new readers have noticed, but there is another person who writes for this blog.  Rhonda hasn’t written in awhile, but she has posted recently.  She is the shoe shopper, while I am the ballerina in black (look to your right).  So be sure to look at the at the “posted by”  label underneath the title of each post. 

Here is a little information about each of us:


Married with one stepdaughter Kierra.  Kierra’s mom is Christine.  Rhonda also has two other small children, Ian and Imani.  Her brother and family are moving back from Seattle in a few weeks.  Her most recent posts include: Coming Home!, The Party Was a Success!, and Happy Birthday Imani.


Widowed with one son, Nicholas and aunt of Jazmine.  I often write about teaching, my sweet husband, my estranged stepsons, Ethan and Evan, their mom Eliza, her crazy brother, my crazy brother who is the father of Jazmine, her crazy sister who now has my stepsons, and Jazmine’s mom who resides in the same prison and dorm as Eliza.


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  1. I have to admit, I don’t look as often as I should as to who’s writing. I should know better. We have 4 writers and people get confused all the time.

  2. Joy~

    I know, that’s why when I read your blog, I check the author out first! But I kinda have a feel for who’s who now. Like I know that Sue is married to Toby and Nikki to Jason–I think!

  3. Oh Geez! I feel like an idiot. I totally knew that and I didn’t even think to look at who posted it. I just kind of did a quick look at the comments. Rhonda! I”m so happy that you have family moving down nearer to you! How wonderful.
    Morocco, Thank you for the reminder. It is much appreciated.

  4. You know what, I did know that there were 2 writers, but since you write most of the time, I didn’t take the time to look at the name. I was confused when the nephew kept talking about Uncle. I was so sad that he was going to have to find out that his Uncle had passed. Next time I’ll take the time to look at the name.

  5. Leila~

    Oh, I know! I hope I never have to “break” that news again! I’ve done it a few times to people that I could not get in touch with in time for the funeral, and lets just say it’s like reliving that moment over every time! Too much! I’m glad to say that Rhonda’s husband is very much alive and well!

  6. Hi Ladies,

    I know I have been MIA for awhile. With everything going on I just didn’t feel right writing or posting about things going on in my life. I noticed we had a few new readers that didn’t realize there was another writer on the blog. Thanks to Morocco for writing this post. I was planning on mentioning it to her that there was some confusion.

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