The Simple Life


I have always been a simple person.  And I’m finding that with each passing year that I am becoming increasing more so.  I don’t believe in having too much of anything.  I only want enough to get by. 

We live in a simple house with simple decor.  I drive a simple car (at least by my standards). 

I save for what I want.

I don’t like to accumulate things.  I am the type of person that if I have an excess of something, you better believe  it will be given away.  My motto is “if I”m not using it, someone else should.”  There is no room in my heart to be wasteful.  My sister always says, “Can I ever leave the way I came?!, as she carries out armfuls of things after visiting me.

It’s not that I don’t like nice things because I do. 

Lately I have been more deliberate about what I buy.  One reason being is that I dislike cluttering my purse with receipts!  These little pieces of paper really help curtail my spending.

I also like being creative.  I want to try to find ways to refurbish, recreate, renew, or reuse what I already have.

I’d love to hear some of the tips that you all use to help keep life simple.

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  1. I think Keeping life Simple is a wonderful thing. I like the idea of buying what you need and refurbishing things. I also like to think about the money I spend, like when I buy something who does this money go to who does it help to support. Jane Goodall had a wonderful conversation about this idea.

  2. i bought linen napkins recently. it cuts down on all those napkins and papertowels. i’m trying to cut down my paper towel usage, using dishtowels do try my hands instead of reaching for the paper towel every time. and linen napkins make us feel fancy. just toss them in the wash!

  3. Yo~ I like the linen napkin idea! I also use dish towels to prevent from wasting paper towels. But we live in such a throw away society that most people don’t consider the little things. When something breaks, we just toss it out and buy another one!

  4. My grandfather always used to tell me to “never own anthing more than you could fit in the trunk of your car”. “It makes like a hell of a lot easier.” This is of course coming from someone who suffered terribly during the great depression. These words are also almost impossible to live by this day and age BUT I have tried my best to keep this in my mind at times. Like when I’m thinking to myself “do I NEED this (fill in the blank), or do I just WANT this (fill in the blank). 🙂

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