How Neat!


I read this article today and I thought it was a cool idea–not to mention a great way to explore the country and get to know people.  His odyssey also reminded me of Chris McCandless.  They would have been fast friends.

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  1. I actually think a lot of us should do this! Maybe then, we will appreciate things more in this world. He must have a great disposition and fantastic outlook at life! Great journey!

  2. I think that’s one of the neatest things I’ve ever heard. What a unique idea. What a great way like Doraz said about learning more about our own country and the people in it. We all have so many different cultures even though we live in the same country. Thanks so much for sharing this. I loved it.

  3. Talk about having an abundance of courage, what an undertaking. Shows the human spirit is capable of great things. Now, that’s a positive story!!

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