My Desk


Just look at my desk!  I can’t  function amidst such chaos and disorder!!!  Contents include:



The Poisonwood Bible (on top of my grade book)
Things Fall Apart (audio and book)
a purple pen for grading (red seems so accusatory and caustic)
SpringBoard text
a notepad
Letter from Jazmine’s mom
Post-it Notes
a highlighter and a black pen
Scholarship/Programs Update for January 2009
a thank you letter to a generous donor
the requisite apple
a family portrait (of one of my student’s family)
speakers for the laptop
paper clip holder
Pen caddy
Reese’s Cup (for motivation)


Now I can work!

8 responses »

  1. Girl,

    My desk is not for working! As my husband says, I will fill up ANY horizontal surface with stacks of stuff. I actually work at the kids’ desks. Thank you for the reminder that neatness counts.

  2. Boy, do I need your organizational skills! Amazing! You are all geared up,Morocco! Unstoppable now! It seems like you are enjoying the challenge! Have fun with it! One day at a time, good rule,huh?

  3. There is nothing I like more than sitting down to a desk such as in pic “after.” But I have to be honest and say before the day is out, I’m back at the “before.” I canNOT keep a clear workspace. I try hard though. This looks fantastic.

  4. My desk is disgusting! There are piles upon piles of papers and glitter gel ink pens all over it! It’s my attempt to keep the cats off, but they seem not to care. I need to follow your example and clean mine up! he he

  5. It doesn’t help that the kids like to pile and place things on my desk as well! It’s really hard for me to work when things are in disarray. I’m constantly cleaning something!

  6. I studied the “before” picture very well and I SHUDDER to think as to what you would say about my desk. ROFL!! Your “before” photo looks more like my “after” photo. LOL

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