Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction


Jazmine’s mom wrote on Friday and of course, she failed to mention anything regarding her extended stay!  She did write that the facility was currently on lockdown mode, and out of boredom, she decided to write.  I have no idea what prompted me to call and verify this information but I did.  The prison has not been on lockdown since last summer when an offender escaped. 

I, too noticed that Jazmine’s mom was in a different dorm since she had last written a month ago.  I already knew the answer before I made the inquiry, but I wanted to be sure.  The prison operator confirmed that Jazmine’s mom and Eliza were infact in the same dorm when she gave me Eliza’s  location!  I knew Eliza’s dorm number by heart due to writing her so often.  I was hoping that Eliza had been moved, but no, they are in the same living quarters!

If they had a prior conflict I can’t understand why the facility would place them in the same area.  Each room contains 16 bunk beds so that means they are in close proximity to one another.  Poor Jazmine’s mom!  The devil sure has a sense of humor as my friend Stacy pointed out.  However, I feel confident that God will have the last laugh!  I don’t know what could, but I pray that something good comes out of them being together.

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  1. Joy~

    She received a 16 year sentence (with two for one time, that means she will serve 8 years) for murder which her attorney was able to get reduced to criminal homicide and criminal recklessness. You should read the posts “Miss Me” and “I Hope Not” for more details about the two being in the same prison. Of course, Eliza has tried to stir up trouble with Jazmine’s mom because she hates me.

  2. Morocco, I will have to do the same , as you mentioned, because I do not really understand the circumstances. It is just sad, though that people are so quick to judge others. They do not take the time to get to know someone before they go pass their “life sentence.! “I always am patient with others, and hope they do the same. Good Luck with your situation!

  3. Doraz~

    I don’t think Eliza realizes that there are no winners in the blame game. She has to blame someone for her problems and since she I am no longer available, Jazmine’s mom is the next best thing in her eyes. But I am going to remain hopeful that something good comes from it. God is a worker of miracles.

  4. Morocco, I too agree that hopefully something good will come of this unusual pairing of the two in the same dorm. I always like to think that what seems like the toughest challenge will present the most amazing lesson to learn … but of course only if you are willing to open your eyes and your heart to learning it.

  5. Morocco, I will have to go to past posts to read to understand. It’s hard to comment not knowing the full details. A miracle sounds good. If not a couple of miracles. Boy that’s true reading the last post about what seems like the toughest challenge will present the most amazing lessons to learn. I found that to be true.

  6. Ladies I am sure hoping so!!! I haven’t been stressing about it as I have handed it over to God. Crys you are so right in that we must be willing to have an open heart and mind about things.

  7. You are right. This sure is strange. However, I know that God has a plan in mind. What it is will not be known until it happens. But, trust and believe that God will get the glory.

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