Love Is…


Love tastes like freshly whipped cream

Love smells like my husband’s cologne

Love feels like cotton candy

Loves sounds like a symphony

Love looks like a sleeping child

Today I will be introducing a poetry unit to my students.  I always like to start with a simple poem to ensure success.  And of course, since love is in the air with tomorrow being the day for lovers, I thought I’d use love as the topic for this 5 Senses poem to model for my classes.

What is love to you?  In the comment section, try your hand at this simple poem following the specified 5 Senses format!

6 responses »

  1. Love tastes like a freshly brewed cup of nonfat hazelnut latte, at 5am .
    Love smells like a double chocolate muffin baking in the oven.
    Love feels like frseh snow.
    Love sounds like a thunder storm.
    Love looks like a blizzard.

  2. Love tastes like the finest chocolate
    Love smells like a rose
    Love feels like a warm hug
    Love sounds like a soft melody
    Love looks like a smile

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