Deep in the Heart of Texas


Here are a few sights from my visit to San Antonio, Texas last fall:

The food was so yummy!

The food was so yummy!

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk

Observing a "Quince" celebration

Observing a "Quince" celebration

The grounds of the Alamo

The grounds of the Alamo

Remember the Alamo

Remember the Alamo

Strolling the Riverwalk

Strolling the Riverwalk

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  1. I took the kids to San Antonio several years ago. We did the Alamo and the Riverwalk too. Did you go see the talking holograms that enact the battle of the Alamo? They’re pretty neat!

    It was a nice historical vacation for the kids. We didn’t do sea world or 6 flags but we found all the missions on mission trail.

  2. Amy~

    No, I didn’t get to see the talking holograms. I wanted to visit Sea World but the weather was unseasonably cold (38 degrees). I had to buy a coat from Macy’s! I was very interested in seeing the comical sea lion duo at Sea World being that one of the lions has the same name as my husband!

  3. That food has me absolutely salivating!!! Your the second person to have yummy food on her blog today. Now I’m starving and it’s way to early for lunch.

    I have some wonderful pics of my dad having lunch on that Riverwalk and it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these. They’re great.

  4. We went to San Antonio a couple of years ago, but had a bad experience, and I vowed I’d never go back…shouldn’t have done that! Now my husband has to go for 7 weeks sometime this year and I will be going down to visit him…hope we have a better experience. At least the food’s good! =)

  5. Joy~

    That particular meal on the Riverwalk was delicious! And it was so cheap and plentiful. The salsa was unbelievably fresh–I’ve never had anything like it!

    I also tried jicama (I think). It was really good. It tasted like an mixture of things; apple, pear, cucumber, and some type of melon. I just remember it tasting very fresh, crisp, and juicy.

  6. I used to spend my summers in San Antonio visiting my aunt and uncle when I was a kid. LOVE that town! I haven’t been down there in about 10 years now and these photos made me want to return!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. i might have eaten at the same mexican restaurant! maybe. there are a ton of them, though. i got lost on the riverwalk, separated from my friend. it was TOTALLY scary. i thought i was miles away from the hotel. i finally hailed a cab… and was like two blocks away.

    awesome pictures. thanks for sharing!

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