One of my coworkers has made it her mission to cheer me up.  She has went over and beyond to do so.  My heart is really touched by her generosity and selflessness.  Here are a few things she has done; although I am probably forgetting something because she has done SO much!

  • She was my Secret Santa for a week (I did not even sign up)
  • She made me lunch and dinner several weeks in a row
  • She organized a group of coworkers to buy my lunch for a week straight
  • When I was sleep starved and not feeling well for two days she allowed me to bring all of my classes to the media center
  • For Christmas she gave me movie theatre and restaurant gift certificates
  • She invited us to her sister’s for Christmas dinner
  • She bought me a fancy journal and pen because she knows that I like to write
  • She attended the wake
  • For my birthday she bought cupcakes for all 135 of my students!  She also gave me a gift certificate to an upscale restaurant
  • She has volunteered her babysitting services
  • Just today she presented me with an autographed copy of one of my favorite books!

How do you thank a person like this?  I wanted to do something from the heart; so I made her one of my special framed acrostic poems and presented it to her.  She loved it!

A small token of my appreciation

A small token of my appreciation

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  1. I am always amazed at how God weaves friends into our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realize that they exist until a need arises. What a great person she is! Your poem is beautiful!

  2. Crys~

    We have never really talked outside of work other than the occassional email. Even though we collaborate a lot and exchange ideas at school, I was still floored by all of her kindness on such a large scale.

    Thanks! Making the frames is a hobby of mine. They are really pretty with the velium paper. They look like they take more effort than what they really do! The “hardest” part is creating the poem from the person’s name. I’ve made about 50 to date.

  3. People like your friend restores my faith in humanity. Some people are just givers and thankfully God puts them in our lives when we really need it. I’m glad she’s been so good to you.

  4. Stacy~

    She has been such a blessing to me! She has overwhelmed me with her kindness–but in a good way. I was surprised to see that she cared so much. I think she knows how much pain I am in even though I don’t express it and tries to do whatever she can to alleviate it.

  5. last april i was part of an online book club. we’d read the same book, then post a review at the end of the month. we read a book called “confessions of a pagan nun”. i personally loved it.

    anyway, someone googled something that i quoted from the book. i love the quote and i’ve forgotten all about it.

    “receiving kindness is the only comfort for suffering. giving kindness is the only method of forgetting suffering. the creed is of no concern, and the act may be so simple as to seem insignificant, such as the kindness of the sun drying my leggings, or of a hand offering cheese, or of a voice saying, ‘i will stay with you.'”

  6. Joy~

    Yes, truly she is.

    Thanks! If you can believe it or not, I made one of these for Eliza as well on behalf of the boys last Christmas. She was very delighted by this gift as they are pretty sentimental. I also made one for her mom that I sent to her last Mother’s Day (her mom is deceased, too).

  7. Wow, Morocco you are a very very kind person. What does this one say, as I cannot read it. What a wonderful personal gift to give someone. I did not realize, that you utilized their name.

  8. Been There~

    Thanks! It says:

    You Are…

    Everything I
    Desire and need
    In a friend. For this, on me, you can always depend.
    The kindness you so thoughtfully and selflessly show,
    Has put a smile on my face and caused my heart to glow!

    (Her name is Edith)

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