Faint @ Heart


I read about these cute little creatures in my devotional and thought they had to be a figment of somebody’s imagination.  But no, God our Great Creator, made all kinds!  I wonder if they fainted on the Ark, LOL!

Are you like the goat and “faint” when you encounter problems?  Or do you forge forward and face them head on?


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  1. I bet they did faint at the first wave, he he. How precious is that? I generally forge forward and face my problems head on, however I do make sure to stop and reflect on it before I go head on.

  2. I choose my battles.

    As the song goes by the byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn.
    “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

  3. They are so darn cute and you know what, they really are “for real.”

    Aaaawwww…funny. I do face things head on. I like to deal with things as they come up. I figure you may as well get it over with.

  4. I guess my star sign “Taurus” is a good symbol for me because I charge full on and take care of things right away.

    I’ve heard of fainting goats before, I don’t remember where, but it’s really kind of odd, but really thought provoking.

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