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  1. I have often wanted to chat with God one on one. I never thought about a text, but I guess that would be way more efficient. Try it and see what happens!

  2. Have you tried meditation? In the stillness you open up your soul faculties. You may not get an answer at that time, but go about your business. Usually sometime throughout that day, you will get a “a ha” moment. Either something you read, or something you hear, or something you see. It will have a deeper meaning for you. It will be something you need at that time. This has happened to me many times over, even when I don’t know what I need. You recognize the answer when you are open to receiving it.

  3. Morocco

    Now this just made me giggle. I thought about all the strange text messaging codes and isn’t the whole Bible written with a series of shorthand codes? Ephesians 1:16 🙂

  4. Leila,

    Girl, if I could actually do this I would! God would probably have my number blocked because I wouldn’t stop pestering him!

    Been There~

    No. I’ve never tried physical meditation. I am too impatient for that I fear. However, I try to meditate on the Word of God.


    Yes, it made me laugh, too! It can be rather cryptic at times!

  5. That totally reminded me of the movie “Bruce Almightly” when he had a full inbox of e-mailed prayers. I tend to do the “Look up at the sky and ask ‘Just what am I supposed to learn this time?’ stance” when I just hae to ask “What now?”

  6. Have you ever seen the movie Bruce Almighty? The scene where everyone keeps emailing their prayers in came to mind when I read this. I have a secret blog that only I can see…sometimes I blog to God on there…

  7. No, I’ve never seen the movie, although I have heard of it. It sounds interesting. I like to write God in my prayer journal. I guess I just wanted an instant, unambiguous response that I wouldn’t misinterpret.

  8. My husband talks to go God all the time on the banana phone and even takes calls for other people. You might try the banana phone. ;+) . Myself I would love to talk to God I have so many questions.

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