Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Sometimes winter is such a drag, especially in a state like this one. The potholes are enormous, the snow is a dirty, unsightly mess, and the temperature is colder than a polar bear’s toenails!  So this forces me to find something to appreciate about the season.  Hmmm…

  • Hot chocolate and tea
  • Warm sweaters
  • Cute boots, coats, and other winter accessories
  • The coming of spring
  • More time at home (too cold for traveling)
  • Nicholas actually enjoys playing in the snow
  • Soups, stews, and crockpot concoctions
  • Baking (helps warm the house and the soul AND it makes the house smell good!)
  • Snow days!
  • Cuddling (of course, for the body heat!)

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  1. i WISH we had winter weather. sweaters? what’s that? is that for your feet? soups! we had one of those. a broccoli variety. and a big pot of chili. spring? isn’t that what we’re in right now? I want to play in the snow! cuddling… seriously…. boyfriend and i sleep SO far apart. with an occasional pillow between us to buffer the heat. and for our hands to hold. when it’s really hot i whine “honey, can we not spoon tonight? can we just touch butts?”

  2. I call it the winter blues. I literally go into hibernation mode for 2 months. -25 plus puts me into hiber mode, since it is dark when I go to work and when I come home. I think the combo between lack of sunlight and warmth, do me in.

    We have had a very long spell of cold -30 to -35 with the wind chill. Approx. about 3 weeks, dark when you go to work and come home. I live in western Canada, so this is the norm for Jan/Feb not Dec. Nov was too nice, and Dec came in with a roar. That said, today we are +7 and beautiful, this is not the norm for Jan.

    Did some major cross country skiing with my girlfriend today. It was excellent, since I have been sitting on my a$$ the last month. The weather was fantastic, the sun was out, a very beneficial workout. It is now light when I leave work, so bonus.

    On very cold cold days, I like to light the fireplace, we have a wood burning stone fireplace. Take a throw blanket, and wrap it around myself, and watch the wood burn. It doesn’t get much more relaxing then that.

    We use our crock pot often in the winter, it is nice to come home to a lovely warm cooked meal. That smells delicious.

  3. Been There~

    They have an official name for the “winter blues” SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I think I suffer from this,too.

    I’ve never been skiing but it sounds like a fun work-out.

    I do like fireplaces! We don’t have one though. If I ever buy another house I’d definitely look for one with that amenity.

    Last night I made a potato ham chowder in the cockpot. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about dinner today!

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