Snow Days Are The Best Days


I don’t even care that we will have to make this day up at the end of the year!  It was such a sweet and unexpected surprise to hear the news anchor report that our school district had no school today!  You have to understand that our superintendent must be vying for the No Snow Day Under My Watch award because he rarely closes down—no matter what the weather conditions are.  But today it happened to be  -27 below.

Luckily Nicholas had a snow day as well!

I was able to sleep in for some much needed rest.  I have no idea how I will “seize” the rest of the day.  No worries, I will find a way!


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  1. We had a 2 hour late start today and on Tues. Yesterday we had the day off. It’s just been horrible here. Right now it’s -10 and it feels “warm.” Scary huh??? Our schools rarely close for the day so yesterday was fun for the kids. Enjoy your day today with Nicholas.

  2. I concur with Amy. Found time is completely precious and a joy to behold. I always love found time because I never feel bad about “wasting” it. It’s very nature means that it can’t be used for work or chores.

    I hope you had a very lovely day. More so, I hope that you have Monday off so your mini-holiday is complete. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 🙂

    First we had a dream, now we have hope.

  3. OK, so now we know, my weather today is your weather tomorrow. 🙂 Joy must be somewhere near me. It was still VERY cold here this am. We had windchills of -30, but we had school. Unfortunately the bus system was running late, so some of the kids were still left outside too long.

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