Today I was checking a word in the dictionary to make sure I spelled it correctly and happened upon this curious entry: horehound. Of course it peaked my curiousity so I had to read the definition.  It was almost as if the dictionary knew what I was thinking:

“This word has nothing to do with either whores or hounds. It comes from the Old English harhune, from har, gray, + hune, horehound.

LOL! I then commenced to read the actual denotation: a perennial herb, used in making medicine and candy.

I feel so much better!


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  1. Oh Morocco….this cracked me right up. Thanks for the laugh. It does remind me of an old uncle I had. He used to buy these horehound cough drops and man, they smelled horrible!!!!

  2. We used to play a game called Dictionary. You would find a word and everyone would have to guess what it means. This would have been hilarious to use!

  3. That’s funny! I have tried a horehound candy too- it was not pleasant.

    Hey- I couldn’t find an address to send you and email- so… I passed you the blog love with the I heart your blog award! I do love your blog. So check out my site, post the pic on yours, and pass it on.

    Happy friday:)

  4. Apparently someone, not naming names, wasn’t raised on _Little House_ books. This was a “treat”. Even as a child, I knew this was NO treat! 🙂

    Amusing what we find, and how we connect it, huh?

  5. I love horehound candy! My mom used to give it to me when I had a sore throat or tonsilitis. I wish I could find some now.

  6. Doubletx~

    It just doesn’t sound appetizing, but now, LOL, I want to try some!


    I loved the tv series “Little House on the Prairie”, I wanted Michael Landon to be my Pa!

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