I finally decided to get my prescription for Ambien and filled because I am seriousy lacking sleep.  I took the pill about two hours before my bedtime so that it would be in my system.  I wanted to avoid oversleeping for work the next morning.  I thought nothing of taking it early.

I was talking to a friend on the phone and I told her I had taken a pill.  She seemed shocked that I had not passed out.  I felt fine.  I didn’t even feel sleepy.  She urged me to get in my pj’s and to get into bed because she said the medicine worked quickly.

Well, about twenty minutes later I started feeling weird.  I told Nicholas I was going to go rest and reminded him to be in the bed at 9:30pm.  I don’t remember anything else.

The next morning on our drive to school I asked Nicholas if he went to bed on time.  He sounded puzzled as he replied, “You tucked me in.  Well, you tried to but you fell on me.”  I was surprised because I didn’t remember doing that.  He said that I got up when he came to tell me goodnight.  I asked him how I got back into bed.  He said he walked me back to my room and said I fell again but he managed to get me back in the bed. 

How scary! Anything could have happened.  I’m glad I didn’t hit my head on something!  Needless to say, I didn’t take one last night!  Maybe I will try warm milk or Sleepytime tea tonight.


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  1. i’ve had horrible experiences with ambien. it was prescribed to my boyfriend. he was on it for …. maybe a couple of months? the first few times it was funny. he sat up in bed and crouched over the edge like he was looking for something. i woke up and asked him what he was doing. he said he was hunting. then he said he was finished hunting and went to sleep.

    then he started talking in his sleep, i mean, full on conversations with people that weren’t there, voices in his head, like he was dreaming out loud. he would sit up in bed (i’m getting emotional just thinking about this), turn on the lights and just start talking about nothing. the worst happened over thanksgiving. it was awful. he woke up at about 2am talking NONSENSE. talking like a homeless man. talking about kings and serfs and baseball and EVERYTHING. his eyes were half open and moving back and forth really fast. he wouldn’t stop talking. he got up, and sat in the corner of our bedroom, cross legged. he walked around the house stumbling and talking nonsense. he tried leaving, he wanted a pack of cigarettes and was going to drive himself to the store at 2am. his pulse was racing. it was the scariest thing i’ve ever been through. then he fell asleep. like, really fell asleep around 9am. his sleep was twitchy. i almost took him into the ER. we think he might have taken another ambien in his sleep. i called a paramedic friend and he came over and woke him up, walked him around. he was fine, just actually sleeping.

    i can only imagine how you’re not sleeping lately. this is just my experience with it.

    everyone’s experience is different. i almost sent this to you in an email, but maybe other people should read about ambien. i read a story about a woman who DROVE herself to store, wandered around, picked up a CD from a shelf, and tried to return it and get her money back.

    i’m sorry if i scared you. ambien’s a very strong drug.

  2. hi, me again. the thing that gets me is that his doctor just gave it to him. yeah, it’s a sleepaid, take it before you go to bed, but why don’t they tell you the possible side effects? some websites say that this drug shouldn’t be prescribed for more than 10 days. my boyfriend was on it for more than two months. he brought it up to the doctor, and the doctor said “it will work in this application” or something.

    have you tried meditating or yoga or anything?

  3. Yo~

    And my doctor described it as “gentle!” They didn’t mention any strange side effects at the pharmacy either. I read the information that came along with the prescription and it said things like what I experienced were “rare occurrences.” I guess I must be special.

    No, I haven’t tried yoga or meditation–my nerves are too shot for that! I know it would probably help, of course, but I can’t sit still long enough and my mind is all over the place. But I don’t think I can do the psychotropic drugs anymore. Too scary!

  4. if you really want to scare yourself, read some of the ambien message boards.

    i tried yoga once. i giggled through almost the whole thing. at the end the yoga instructor told us to find our inner breath, and imagine it. mine was like a big drop of water. he had a goofy face like the kool aid man, and big white cartoon shoes. i tried imagining my breath as something else, but the water drop kept coming back!

    when my dad died, i found that i slept better when my sister was around. we lived together, we would nap on the couches.

  5. Morocco, yes that drug is scary. A member of my family took it for the first time last night also and was doing some very strange things, that she could not remember doing this morning when she finally was able to wake up. I won’t allow her to use it any more, because it was too hard to wake her up, plus she only took one pill.

  6. Yo~

    You are so funny, LOL! She also prescribed me Lexapro and I googled it before taking it. To my dismay, there were several articles and posts about people who committed suicide while on this medication. I don’t need any more help being depressed!

    Old Friend~

    Lesson learned! It was too creepy of an experience.

  7. Sleeping pills of any kind hate me. It makes me feel like there are ants or something crawling under my skin. I’ve taken to Johnson & Johnson’s lavender melting stress lotion (or something like that) and Sleepytime tea. If I really can’t sleep I put on a boring cartoon and pass out on the couch with the cats 🙂

    My crazy sleep-aid story was when I was super tired and I ended up punching my boyfriend (at the time) in my sleep. I dreamed that I was punching some jerk in my dream and woke up, to my dismay and humor, to find out that I’d punched him. Ooops!

  8. Wow! That’s totally scary. I’ve been told that the natural supplement Valerian root is a good relaxer. I, personally rely on Benadryl, which I take the children’s dosage. I have a very low tolerance for any meds, so I’m scared to take anything else. Good Luck sweet girl.

  9. My husband suffers from insomnia quite abit. I went to the health food store and did get him something for it. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name, they did not help him. However, that said, they are suppose to be quite effective without the drug affect. They do work for many people. I will try to find out the name for you.

    My husband, has found getting up from bed and having a glass of water, reading for abit, doing something for 1/2 hour. Then he goes back to bed and sleeps the rest of the night. If he stays in bed initially, he will not go back to sleep.

    Have you tried epsom salts in the bathtub. I do not suffer from insomnia, I could probably sleep on a rock. Seriously!!. If I feel the need to relax, especially from a stess filled day. I use Rocky Mountain Bath Salts, the relaxation blend. After the bath, I am literally knocked out for the night. I highly recommend.

    I have been negligent on my yoga, but it is definitely an excellent work out for mind, body, soul. I find a cardio workout is excellent for releasing pent up energy. Yoga is excellent for a calming muscle and mental workout.

  10. Wow…that is a scary situation. I’m glad you got some sleep but what a nightmarish revelation to find out what you did. I hope you are able to find a better alternative.

  11. Sleeping pills have always scared me. I’m so glad your okay and nothing bad happened to you. Maybe a nice glass of wine in a hot bath would be better.

  12. Melatonin is a natural thing your body creates to help you get sleepy. You can purchase it at the store. I have given some to my son to help when he was taking a med that caused insomnia. It did help. I take it every once in a while too.

    Was Nicholas freaked out at all?

  13. JAG~

    Oh, thanks for the tip, I’ll have to check it out. Maybe that and a hot bath will work because I don’t drink alcohol.

    Nic said he wasn’t scared at all because I had a smile on my face! But he also knew that it was the medicine that caused me to fall. I’m glad he wasn’t scared because it sure scared me–especially considering that I don’t remind any of it.

  14. Suzanne~

    It’s still the same. I am very tired but I have trouble falling asleep. And I am still waking up many times during the night. I am going to try the melatonin that JAG mentioned. Hopefully that will help.

  15. I was on ambien a while ago, before they came out with this new version because I have a horrible case of insomnia that triggers migraines. I have walked and talked in my sleep all my life – the doctors didn’t even know Ambien could effect me. But guess what, it did! While on Ambien I walked in my sleep, talked in my sleep, and ate in my sleep. The scariest part when I figured out what was going on was that it is possible I could get in the car and drive while asleep. After all I tried to go to school as a kid when I walked in my sleep.

    There are medicines out there that are not as harmful as Ambien. Lunesta was one of them for me, but it has a really nasty side effect. Some people get this horrible taste in your mouth. There is one other that my doctor recently gave me, but I can’t remember the name of it. It’s less potent, it is not addictive and you don’t feel so drained in the morning.

    Sometimes you just need that little extra that cannot be helped with natural remedies.

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