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  1. We all have “those days.” I think I’ve having one also. Keep your chin up and just do the best you can. I plan on closing my blinds and making a bowl of popcorn and cuddling down with a good book.

  2. I find it difficult getting back into the swing of things. First day back at work and I feel ugh!! I would rather not be here, but I require an income. Thinking of you, and sending light and love.

  3. Oh my… Big ol’ cyber bear hug with a ginormous dose of kick the ass of whoever made you feel bad (if you need that, not saying that you do!). I can’t say anything to make this go away, and I can’t do more than listen like everyone else. I can only say that you’re not alone, and we’d all take on your pain if we could. May whatever this is pass in a way which is best for you.

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