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My husband was fascinated with our blog.  And because he was a funny guy, he had to poke fun at me for blogging.  He  even gave me a nickname, “Mary J. Blog.”  Everytime something happened in our life whether big or small he would inquire tongue-in-cheek , “Are you going to blog about it?!”  

Sometimes he would do something goofy on purpose and ask me to write about it.  Or he would make a series of silly faces and beg me to take pictures of him to upload.   He got a good laugh out of teasing me about my hobby.

He always wanted to know if I blogged about him.  So I showed him a few of the posts which made him beam with pride.  He was my number one fan and really loved everything I did. 

Sometimes he’d say he was going to start a blog of his own  if he felt that I was spending to much time on the computer.  I thought it was rather cute that he was jealous!  I told him that Rhonda and I would love to have him as a guest writer, a thought which caused us both to erupt with laughter!

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  1. This was very cute to read. I’m so glad your able to share these memories with us. It must be so hard for you. I’m so sorry.

    My family does that to me too about talking about something and then saying “are you going to blog about this” or they’ll say “blog that”!

    I have been thinking of you and am hoping things are as okay as they can be.

  2. My fiance has asked the same things at times. “Is this going to be a blog entry?” And I think that its helpful for both of us, because he takes time to read my blog on occasion for updates. And since I’m better at expressions thoughts through writing, he’s able to get a good idea of what I’m thinking/going through. Thank you for sharing. I hope that you are doing well. Take Care!

  3. I love that “Mary J. Blog”! I always tell my husband what I’m blogging about and he thinks it’s really cool that I’ve found this wonderful group of people to connect with online.

    Thanks for sharing something so special, Morocco.

  4. Memories are very special, as they live in you, and you can relive them anytime you wish too. I am glad that you can feel laughter at wonderful times shared with your husband. Your husband is very much with you in your yesterdays, that are now today. That is a wonderful gift in itself. Take Care, keep blogging, thanks for sharing!!

  5. I have gotten caught up reading the posts I had missed. I am amazed at your strength, especially during this time of year when the loss of a loved one must increase the hurt.

    I think it is good you have this blog to write your feelings and receive feedback about what you have written. There are so many who are pulling for you.

    Take care.

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