Love Blooms


Recently my husband and I started a tradition of buying plants in memory of lost loved ones.  They live indoors and out.  My Aunt Mary is a lovely red tulip that comes up every spring, the same season that she died.  His grandmother and my mother are both bamboo plants. 

Sometimes we used the flower arrangments from the service.  While I don’t have the greenest thumb, I always did my best to nurture and grow our “botanical” relatives. That  care included talking to them! 

My husband was tall, strong, and protected me from many things–much like a tree so that’s what he will be.  I have a few months to come up with just the right kind.

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  1. As there are so many ways to keep the memories of a lost love one alive. I think the way you do it by planting a living plant is a great idea. Every live plant I have in my house has come from a service of a lost family member. I take good care of them and make sure nothing bad happens to them.

  2. I love this tradition- we have done it in my family too for years. It’s nice to think of the loved one every time you look at that beautiful plant/tree growing in your yard. I hope you are having a good day.

  3. I think that is beautiful! I’m sure you will find a tree that most perfectly reflects what your husband has meant to you and your family. Praying you were able to experience love and blessings today!

  4. I do the tree thing too. It’s a good reminder of someone we loved as it keeps growing and getting stronger and we’ll always think of them when we see it. I like tree’s the most because I feel they are heartier and sometimes no matter what you do, plants can die. I really love the idea of the tulips too.

    I’ve been thinking of you and hope the holidays weren’t to painful for you.

  5. Christmas was shaky but I made it through. I stayed in most of the day. The kids opened gifts and then we picked up a few from relatives. I dropped Jazmine off with her dad and my sister picked up Nicholas. I think I needed to spend some time alone. Next year will be better.

  6. I’m glad that you made it through. It had to be difficult, but I love your idea of a tree.

    We have done this as well. I still have my plant from my dad’s and it has been almost 20 years.

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