So What?


I was just sending a friend an email when I suddenly noticed how much I use the words “so” and “really” in my less formal writing!  I use “so” to help express a variety of feelings.  I love my husband “sooooooooooooooooooo” much!  When I add the extra “o’s” then it’s serious business!  I so have to buy that coat–it was soooo cute! 

Really helps me emphasis the message I am trying to convey.  I am really very tired today.  Really really helps me get my point across.  What words do you overuse?

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  1. “Like” I hate it too because it reminds me that I grew up in California and fit the valley girl stereotype speechwise.
    “Anyway” is one of those transitional words I use ALL THE TIME.

    I think I overuse words more verbally than through writing. I”m sure all I’d have to do is read through a month’s worth of blogs to figure out what words I overuse 🙂

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