Have You Hugged Your Husband Today?


My husband was a very affectionate man.  He loved to hug and kiss me.  He liked to cuddle, too.  We always held hands while driving, even if we were not traveling far.  He ended every conversation whether long or short with “I love you.”  I was his most prized possession.

I miss him.  I miss his touch, his laughter, his essence….I loved the very smell of him.  His chest was my favorite pillow. 

His life was a cup in which I heartily drank from.  Nobody filled me quite like him.

After reading this post,  I urge you to go hug your husband just for me.  Even if he is not in your presence, send him a “hug” via text message, email, or phone.  And really put one on him when you do lay eyes on him.

Girls, I can hardly wait for the day that I will be able to hug the one I love again!


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  1. Morocco,

    Thank you for writing this post. Many of our lives are busy runnning around doing things that are not all that important. I for one have learned a great lesson from your loss. Life is short and we all never know when our loved ones will leave us.

    I have started making sure that I say “I love you” to my family upon ending our phone calls. I always say it when I tuck Ian and Imani into to bed. Hubby and I always kiss when we leave home and when we return. I give extra long hugs now as well.

    Much love and blessings Morocco! Keep being the strong woman that I know you are. I love you girl!!!

  2. Ever since hearing your news it has motivated my husband and I to be even more mushier than we usually are. My son tells us more often to get a room, now. My husband and I also hold hands while we’re driving. His chest is my favorite pillow. He makes me laugh, and he comforts me when I am sad. He’s my protector. He’s my best friend. He’s my soul mate, and I use every moment I can to tell him I love him.

    I really can, but can’t [it’s too painful] imagine what you’re going through. You are continually in my prayers.

  3. I alway end my convo’s with “I love you”, but I’ve realized that sometimes it’s just a mechanical phrase. Through your experience, Morocco, I’ve really learned to embrace life and let each of those in my life know how special they are and what they mean to me.

    Continuing to pray…

  4. I too share your sentiments with my husband. I remember after I met him, realizing that I will never find another one like him again. I sincerely mean that, and today still feel the same way. I understand what you are saying. May your memories yesterday, keep you strong today. Your memories, no one can take from you, they are your gift forever. Peace & Blessings

  5. Thank you for coming to my blog. I appreciate it. I love yours. This is such a good reminder for us all. I do say I love you to my grown boys but not every time anymore. I do say it to my grandchildren ALL THE TIME. I feel it is important to say but more important to “show” you love them

  6. Ever since my fiance and I have gotten back together we often wonder how we ever parted. But now we do take time to cherish each other and hug and kiss and say “I love you.” Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories with us, and I hope that they will help you to smile each day. Take Care!

  7. Great advice! I am already in the habit of ending my phone conversations with “I love you.” And I am lucky enough to have my husband working from home, so I get to hug and kiss him often during the day. I love it.

    Like the others…you are still in my prayers.

  8. Morroco, even though I haven’t been able to get into touch with you yet, my computer has been down and my cell phone is broken, I have been praying for you and the kids every single day. Reading your thoughts and feelings reminds me so much of myself when I lost my hubby 10 years ago. Just know that you are being guided and you will be okay. Your own words….”his life was a cup I heartedly drank from” is something to cherish and something to always keep close to your heart. Take one day at a time. Just one day. You will miss him every single day, but you will also get better, I promise.

    Always in my prayers,

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