Obama Mama


When Nicholas was in the third grade he had to select a famous Black American to represent in a “living history museum” for Black History month.  He wanted to do Colin Powell…again. 

I had just finished reading Dreams From My Father by Senator Barack Obama and was really impressed with his candor and eloquence.   I suggested him. 

After doing the research Nicholas was impressed as well.  His presentation was a big hit.  Later his teacher pulled me aside and expressed her curiousity about how Nicholas came to present him.  I told her that I recommended him after reading his autobiography.

I am excited about Obama coming to office.  I believe he is truly dedicated to the job of making America better for us all.  This simple act of Americans joining together to vote him as president shows that anything is possible.  I know that he will be under a lot of scutiny, but I believe he can handle the pressure.  He deserves the same opportunity as anyone else to do the job.

My focus is not so much on him being the first Black president.  That fact is the cherry on top and it makes his victory much more sweeter.  However, I am more buoyed by his poise, plans for America, intelligence, and great potential to lead the country.

Nicholas attends a school in which there is not a single person of color on the teaching or administrative staff.  In fact, there are only two Black women in non-licensed positions that work there.  The student body is very diverse, so it seems that the staff would mirror this.  It seems strange to me that in this day and age that places/schools/attitudes like this still exist.  I often wonder what message this sends to my son and the rest of the kids? 

I feel fortunate that my son has the opportunity to witness someone such as Barack having the opportunity to be president.  I have always told Nicholas that he could be anything he wanted to be.  Now I know he can!  This morning his was elated by the knowledge of Barack’s win.  So was I.

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  1. I didn’t have time to pay a lot of attention to the ellection this year…I know bad me. I always have faith that God is going to put things in place for His greater plan. I know this is selfish and kind of silly, but I am glad Sarah Palin is out of the limelight, because I resemble her and I’m tired of people noticing me in public places to tell me that I look like her. ha ha

  2. Stacy~

    You are not alone, I didn’t either. I didn’t even stay up last night to watch the coverage for the results and I never do. I was pretty confident Barack would win anyhow and was glad when he did. Besides, que sera, sera.

    LOL, it is probably annoying but flattering, too! She is an attractive woman.

  3. I am very happy to see him as your new president. I am canadian and live in western canada. This will have ripple effects to our canadian gov’t. Which is long overdue, as our current laws etc are in much disrepair. Congrats to Obama!!

  4. I too wonder about the messages our children are seeing by the lack of diversity in our teaching staffs (as well as other professions.) There is a lack of Blacks, Hispanic, and Asian staff.

    My student teacher that I recently had came from a very rural area of Missouri. She was shocked when she came into my classroom by my students. During her last week we had to fill out an ethnic survey for her college. She couldn’t remember who was hispanic, black, asian, or white. She didn’t see their “color” anymore. It was definitely a growing experience.

  5. This is something that schools really need to think about–creating diverse environments. I teach at a school that is predominately Black, however, we have the staff to reflect the range of students that are of a different ethnical background.

  6. My daughter has a lot of diversity in her very small school, from the teaching staff to the students and parents. I love that there are interesting races, cultures, beliefs, income levels and lifestyles. I feel so blessed that she is exposed to so much at a very young age.

  7. I am certainly excited about what an Obama presidency will bring to our beleaguered nation. He is very articulate to be sure, and seemingly has the intellect and composure to be successful in the highest office of the most powerful nation on earth. However, I am a little skeptical about his level of experience, alleged ties to unsavory organizations and religious affiliations. I voted for him, primarily because of bitterness at the incompetence of the Bush administration. I remain disenfranchised with America so far in the 21st Century, and came across a political graphic that does a fairly good job in capturing this sentiment.


  8. One thing about books that people write about themselves is that they tend to portray themselves in the best light possible… especially if they have ambitions to aspire to a high public office. Interesting that some of the questionable things were left out. I will just mention some of President elect Obama’s “aquaintences or friendships”. Most egregious thing not mentioned in either book was his explanation of why he voted multiple times to keep partial birth abortion legal. Pretty gruesome procedure and I think that most people (if they truly understand the procedure) would agree that partial birth abortion is only about six inches awaw from murder.

    “Black History month” Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a “Natuive American History Month?” I think the American Indian got a pretty raw deal too. I mean I know that black people were enslaved but at least they were not hunted down by the government and had their men, women and children killed by the hundreds or driven into winter lands that would ensure a high percentage of them die. Not to mention giving them army blankets contaminated with small pox.

    Native Americans are just not as organized or political as black Americans. Native American Indians should have as much recognition as black Americans too.

    “My focus is not so much on him being the first Black president. That fact is the cherry on top and it makes his victory much more sweeter.”

    Have you found it interesting that most people who voted for Obama say that (for them) race did not play a role in their decision… yet follow it up with statements like you have made here?

    The student body is very diverse, so it seems that the staff would mirror this.

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