One-Day Holiday


On Friday I took a personal day.  Nicholas was also on Fall Break and I wanted to spend some time with just him and I.  We started our day off by having breakfast at Steak and Shake.  Next we headed to the ortodontist so that I could have my permanent retainer put back in.  All of the doctors were dressed in Halloween costumes.  My doctor was a Russian peasant.  I thought he was one of the Beastie Boys.

We have an exhibit in town at our downtown mall called Bodies…what a perfect Halloween treat or trick, eh?  I caught it while in New York last autumn and it was quite an experience.  I needed to stop at the mall for a few things and I thought Nicholas might be interested in seeing it.  Surprisingly, he declined saying he does not like those type of things.  Our downtown is splattered with advertisements for this attraction and he would shudder everytime we passed one.

My first mission was to find Nic a pair of shoes.  Of course, he didn’t like what I liked and vice versa.  It turns out the shoes I was seeking were only sold at another mall.  I finally found a reasonably priced pair of grey pumps that I needed.  Nicholas spent his allowance on a Clone Troopers game.

I had to force myself to leave Gap kids.  Their fall line for girls is soooooo adorable!!!  I had to remind myself that I recently spent a mini fortune on clothes for Jazmine.

We had an hour to kill before going to see Beverly Hills Chihuaha.  In this time I throughly cleaned the bathroom and gathered clothes to take to the cleaners while Nicholas played his new game.

The movie did not sound very interesting to me but my son really wanted to see it.  I assumed it would be corny and silly with lots of bad acting.  However,  I must say that it was awesome!  It was funny and heartwarming.  At the end I had tears in my eyes.  The animal actors were better than their human counter parts!  I plan to buy it once it is released on DVD.

I was all set to have lunch at a nice restaurant but Nicholas wanted me to fix lunch!  So I did.  Ethan was home by that time so I fixed him a snack as well. 

Shortly afterwards I picked Jazmine up from the sitter’s and we ended the evening by raking a few bags of leaves.  Jazmine “helped” by jumping into the piles and sneaking sips from my coke.

It was nice to be able to get away from work for the day! Even though I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary; I really enjoyed my day.

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