Sugar and Spice


In many ways Jazmine is the daughter I always wanted.  When I was pregnant with Nicholas I wanted a little girl soooo bad!  I had to get used to the idea that I was having a son.  But now that he is here, I wouldn’t trade him for all the daughters in the world.  He is my beloved little boy!

However, I still love girls–maybe because I am one, eh?  I especially love the clothes and shoes that are deigned for them.  I used to pine away at all the cute, dainty pieces in the stores.  Now I don’t have to fantatsize any more because I can buy them!

Nicholas is not really into clothes.  He will put on anything.  I’ve had to train him over the years to match colors.  He’s pretty good at it now, but still takes little interest in clothes.  He does not like to go shopping and believes that giving clothing as gifts is in bad taste.  When he was four months old, I took him out to buy a snow suit.  He was livid that I dared to try it on him.  I can still see his chubby red face contorted with tears.  I guess he never recovered from that incident! 

But I like shopping for him as well, it just represents more of a challenge.  I like to mix up his wardrobe so that it includes more than the standard t-shirts and jeans.  His clothes remain in mint condition because he wears uniforms to school.

I have bought Jazmine so many clothes that we are running out of storage space.  There is a new store at one of my favorite malls called Crazy Eights (go figure!) with the most adorable girl clothing and accessories.  I also like Target and Macy’s.  But the fact is that most stores have cute things for girls!  It is soooo hard for me to resist!!!

It is nice having both sugar and spice.

People really love this simple ensemble.

People really love this simple ensemble.


These shoes are so sweet--they remind me of candy!

These shoes are so sweet--they remind me of candy!


Jazmine loves this skirt! In the winter, I will pair it with a black turtleneck and tights.

Jazmine loves this skirt! In the winter, I will pair it with a black turtleneck and tights.


Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!

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  1. I’m right with you!!! We could get in “trouble” shopping for Jazmine and Imani. I am out shopping every weekend for the kids. Shopping is one of my favoite past times!

    It’s harder to shop for Ian. Like Nicholas, he really doesn’t get all excited about clothes. Imani on the the other hand, loves clothes and shoes.

    You are right about stores having cute things for girls. I find myself over doing it, but it is hard to resist the cute outfits and shoes.

  2. I SO know what you mean about little girls clothes. My daughter is very opinionated and has been choosing her clothing since she was 2 because she just wouldn’t wear the clothing I picked out. Unfortunately she’s more into comfort than cuteness, so she pretty much sticks to lounging pants a little tops. Once in a while I can sneak in something really cute, but I have some nieces that I can buy for! =D

  3. I too love little girl clothes. Buttercup has always been quite tomboyish, so I’ve had no luck there. And Peanut is a boy, so… I admit, since he is only two I have occasionally dressed him up in the cutest little girl dress with strawberries all over it (one I got from the thrift shop) . He used to not care so much what he wore, but now he is protesting the dress, and we’re stuck with boy clothes. Luckily he’s terribly cute in anything he wears!

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