What She Wanted (An Update)


I called the Stepmom back and I was right about the reason for her call.  She wanted to invite Ethan to his brother’s party on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I had to decline because we already have plans.  We are spending the weekend with Evan.  I thanked her for thinking to include him.  She said she understood.

I’m sure Eliza knew in advance about the party (she knows all the goings on of their household)–this would explain her niceness at the last visit.  She probably figured that if she sweetened me up, we would allow Ethan to attend the party.  As she does with everything, she found a way to make the invite about her.  It had nothing to do with her being sweet or sour towards me.  Had we been given enough notice, it would have been no problem. 

I wonder why the Stepmom only gave us a two day notice–if they really wanted him to come?   Did they have to debate on whether or not to invite him?  I got the feeling that they were anticipating him not being able to attend.  I’m sure that Eliza had already “told them so.” 

She did not mention anything about getting the boys together at a later date either.  I was hoping that she did because getting them together shouldn’t just be a one-time thing.  The whole thing was just strange.  But at least the communication was drama-free.


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  1. I’m glad it was drama-free, but it’s too bad that the boys can’t get together more often. They should have given you more notice.

  2. I’m very glad that it was drama-free for you. I’ve with you on the notice thing. It’s nice when you can work together instead of last minute and someone having to miss out on something fun.

  3. Yep, I totally agree that was not enough notice at all. I’m glad it wasn’t a big thing. You don’t need any more drama in your life!

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