Stepmom to Stepmom


I received a voicemail yesterday from Ethan and Evan’s other brother’s stepmom.  I was surprised.  She asked that I call her when I got the opportunity.  She didn’t provide any information as to why she was calling in the first place.

My interaction with her has been nonexistent.  I met her once over a year ago when I dropped the boys off at their house.  She answered the door and stuck her head out and introduced herself. 

Eliza and her other son’s father have made sure that we wouldn’t have any dealings with each other.  I guess they were afraid that I would sully her mind with my tales of Eliza’s terrorism.  Her other son’s father even made the comment that he does not allow her to be involved, hinting around that my husband should do the same.

I thought about calling her on occassion so that we could get the boys together.  However, I knew if I would have tried to contact the other Stepmom, Eliza and him would have been furious.  They would have accused me of trying to “start” something.

Over a year ago Eliza claimed that we were keeping the boys apart.  She failed to acknowledge how her other son’s father was hostile toward us.  He is very close to their family and is best friends with one of Eliza’s brothers.  Nor did she mention how everytime we allowed them to stay over his house, many misunderstanding would abound (once her brother accused us of not taking care of the boys because when they were at their other brother’s house, they did not have on a pair of new  shoes.  There was nothing wrong with the ones they had on, he just felt that because their other brother had new shoes, that my stepsons should have some as well!  When their brother stayed at our house, he was very sullen and barely said two words to me, my husband, or Nicholas. 

We were constantly having to defend ourselves and put out out many small fires.  He also told her that he heard I did not want the kids at our house.  Who wants to interact with people like that? 

I wrote reminding her that I had been arranging outings involving the three of them and covering all costs involved as well.    I also told her that I had no problem collaborating with the other stepmom.  We could have been a support for each other.  Apparently somebody had a problem with it because that was the end of the discussion.

So what could she possibly want now?  Yesterday was her other son’s birthday.  Maybe they are having a party that they want Ethan to attend.  Maybe she is ready to arrange those outings.  Or perhaps she would like to go see Eliza together so that she can visit with all of her boys at once (Eliza has hinted around to this a couple of times). 

I am curious about the reason for her call.  But on the otherhand, I hate how everything is always on their terms.  I plan to call her after work.  I need to prepare myself for whatever the conversation may be.

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  1. Just when I think there can’t possibly be anymore Eliza drama in your life, Morocco…there it is! I hope the other stepmom’s intentions are good.

    I met my step-daughter’s half-brother’s step-mom a few years ago. She is a really cool lady, I liked her a lot. I think if I lived near her, we would probably be friends.

    I will send good energy, thoughts and prayers your way. =D

  2. What can it be – it looks like it could go either way…maybe this is what Eliza had up her sleeve at the last visit??? So much to think about – oye vey.

    I can’t wait to hear what it is she wanted – be strong!!!!

  3. Serendip~

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I also think this is why she was being extra nice to me. I know Eliza had her hand in this, she pretty much does with everything in their household.

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